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All The Services Supplement Manufacturers Should Provide

Supplement Manufacturer

Supplement manufacturers are at the forefront of offering time tested and high-quality supplements to customers and revolutionize the domain of supplement making. SMP Nutra offers a premium quality supplement that are viable, reliable and durable, catering to your every need. Our clients are at the heart of our services and we cater to their every need. Our bespoke health supplements come with a broad scope of premium services to fulfill each and every need of our client.

Customer Service

 Client Service & Support

A top of the line supplement manufacturer is known for its quality of customer service offered to its clients. A good partnership is defined as one that translates into the long term. In addition, the manufacturer and client relationship is built on transparency inflow of information and based on mutual goal attainment [5]. Another trait that makes a Supplement Manufacturer stand apart from its competitors is its sound command over knowledge pertaining to the ins and outs of the industry at hand.

Capsule Manufacturing

Capsule Manufacturing

There are countless ways for manufacturing premium quality capsules for a supplement manufacturing plant [4]. Diverse availability of shapes, sizes, and textures for premium quality manufacturing is present. From maintaining the ubiquitous quality of capsules using cutting edge technology. In addition, offering various capsule packaging methods from bottles to blister packs.

Tablet Manufacturing

Tablet Manufacturing

Supplement manufacturers offer futuristic models of tablet manufacturing services. Cutting edge technology is utilized for manufacturing personalized and high-quality tablets. The manufactured tablets can be made available in sublingual, raw, coated, glazed, capped, lamented, bi-layered and time releasable forms [3]. These tablets come in a diverse range of geometric shapes, colors, sizes, and glazes. Quality and packaging details can be easily communicated to the client so they can choose as per their preference. In addition, text can be encrypted on the tablet’s exterior. These include the brand name, dosage or formula. SMP Nutra strives to offer superior quality tablet manufacturing service that is cGMP certified.

Powder Manufacturing

Powder Manufacturing

Supplement manufacturing companies proffer powder manufacturing services to their valued clients. One key element to take into consideration for powder manufacturing is making an appealing taste or flavor. Natural and artificial flavors and additives can be incorporated once the formula has been confirmed. Taste modifiers, color enhancers, and fresh flavors can be infused into your sealed powder. To prevent bad taste, expiration labels can be placed on the powder bottle/jars for client convenience.

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturing

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturing

Premium quality and succulent gummy vitamins are full of delicious flavors. Gummy vitamins are one of the premium products offered by supplement manufacturers. At SMP Nutra, we have a wide range of shapes, colors, and flavors in gummies [1]. Gummy vitamins range from gelatin to probiotic to vegan-friendly formulas to fulfill the bespoke requirements of clients.

Softgel Manufacturing Machine

 Softgel Manufacturing

Leading supplement manufacturers offer easy to swallow softgels, enclosed within gelatin capsules. These soft gels are the most favorable to customers. Soft gel capsules are manufactured to replace obsolete pills, vitamins, oil and powder [1]. There is a high demand for Soft gel capsules in the supplement market.

Liquid Capsule Manufacturing

Leading supplement manufacturers also use cutting edge technology to fill liquid inside capsules. Liquid filled capsules enhance absorption and produce the maximum effect, as compared to powder or hard tablet forms [1].

Supplement Packaging


In addition to curating amazing formulations, SMP Nutra is the leading private label packaging provider. The packaging is the final piece in offering amazing finishes to your supplements.

Supplement Bottling

Bottle Packaging

Leading supplement manufacturers offer bottle sealing, labeling, closure and counting services to their valued clients. At SMP Nutra we offer a broad scope of packaging services catering to the exclusive needs of customers [5]. We use state of the art technology to offer cost-effective bottle packaging solutions. Our packaging facilities our safe, secure and clean. Our supersonic machinery is well apt to package capsules, tablets, and softgels in high volumes into bottles.

Supplement Bags

Bag Packaging

Supplement manufacturers offer flexible pouch and bag packaging solutions for your vitamins and nutraceuticals. At SMP Nutra, our pouch packaging solutions are affordable and take less shelf space. Pouch packaging allows your brand to stand apart with custom made labels printed on supplement bags [5]. We provide exclusively tailored supplement bag packaging services that are easily portable. Our bag packaging solutions can cater from minimum to high volume supplements. Aluminum supplement bags are quite mainstream these days as they are lightweight, damage-proof and great showoff assets for your brand. SMP Nutra is your BRC accredited and certified packaging solution provider.

 Bag Packaging

Our top of the line packaging services awakens your brand presence and exceed customer expectations. Our bespoke bottle, bag, and box packaging are exclusively tailored to meet the customer’s expectations.

Additional Services Offered by Supplement Manufacturers

Flavoring department

Flavoring Department

Leading supplement manufacturers work on infusing delicious flavors into their supplements. These flavors are derived from artificial and natural flavors. Good supplement manufacturers make sure that the functionality of supplements is retained in supplements [4]. Knowledge of the food and beverage industry, as well as use of superior quality ingredients, is of the essence for supplement manufacturing companies.

Creating a flavorful blend that evokes pleasant sensory stimulus is of the essence. Using cutting edge technology to integrate health and flavor into your supplements is the topmost priority of SMP Nutra. 

Label Design

Label Design

Leading supplement manufacturers realize the powerful impact on getting the maximum value of a private label vitamin supplements. A superior quality label design has finer and intricate details embedded in it. A perfect label speaks of the brand story. For this purpose, SMP Nutra provides exclusively tailored label design to supplement manufacturers.

Label Compliance

Additional premium services offered by supplement manufacturers include the provision of label compliance services. Brand labels and design pose a substantial threat to a company’s brand reputation. A minute discrepancy in your supplement label or image can create significant challenges [4]. Implied health claims on your supplement label or image must comply with the global rules and regulations. A good supplement provides exclusively tailored label compliance services. This means they make sure every health claim used in the label or its image is backed by strong evidence.

Label Printing

Label Printing

Leading supplement manufacturers make use of top-notch materials and printers for supplement labels [2]. SMP Nutra has supersonic roll printing services for supplement labels. What sets a top supplement manufacturer apart from its counterparts is the offer of bespoke services catering to the client’s needs. At SMP Nutra we realize the burning needs of our valued clients. For this purpose, we make use of printing machines for producing a high volume of extraordinary label prints. With multiple options to choose from, we produce superior label prints to enhance your Brand standing apart from the crowd.

Stock Formula Private Label Products

Stock formulas are the optimal solution for supplement companies to increase their health and wellness coverage. SMP Nutra offers a wide array of well-known stock formulas in high volume catering to the bespoke needs of its clients [4]. With a broad array of options to choose from, our stock formulas are budget-friendly and marketed within the shortest span of time.

Product Storage

Product Storage

Supplement manufacturers offer organic storage solutions to their valued clients. From powder to liquid to vitamin supplements, SMP Nutra has the perfect storage facility (warehouse) to meet all your supplement storage needs. We offer premium and certified supplement storage services from the Food and Drug Safety Authorities. Our product storage facilities are safe, secure and clean with complete control of stock climate conditions. We organize products by name, dates of expiry and fit them into different categories. Rest assured, none of our storage products will collect dust, expire or break down in packaging. SMP Nutra covers all our client’s needs from storage to packing to delivery.


Order Fulfillment

At SMP Nutra, our order fulfillment services make use of cutting edge technology to drive your supplement business. We offer exclusively tailored third party order fulfillment services to small, medium and large supplement companies. From organizing your inventory to logistics to CRM to online shipping, SMP Nutra acclimatizes to your needs accordingly. Our order fulfillment services are budget and user-friendly. From inventory to delivery, our products will remain completely viable through our top of the line order fulfillment software at SMP Nutra.

Choose SMP Nutra For Manufacturing Your Supplement

If you want to create a groundbreaking nutraceutical brand that exceeds client expectations, choose SMP Nutra. Contact us today to take full advantage of our top of the line services and become invincible in the nutraceutical industry.

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