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Alpha-GPC: Boost Your Focus And Performance


Alpha-GPC Background

Today, more and more people are looking for various types of supplements that can help them with multiple aspects of their life. People are looking for ways that they can get healthier and techniques to improve their mental and physical performance. One of the supplements that have been gaining a substantial amount of traction and attention is alpha-glyceryl phosphorylcholine, typically known as Alpha-GPC.

Alpha-GPC And Caffeine

Research studies have shown that when it is combined with caffeine, it can help to provide marked gains. Supplements such as Focus Formula include both of these ingredients in their offering. When Alpha-GPC is administered, it has helped to increase a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine, which will help people with their memories and learning.

Numerous Uses Of Alpha-GPC

The use of Alpha-GPC is helpful in more than just focus, memory, and learning. Athletes have used the supplement as a way to help reduce their choline levels that have been increased because of exercise. Also, it has been shown to help boost growth hormone secretion, as well as endurance performance. When it is combined with caffeine, it can help to provide more alertness and mental focus, and still improve athletic performance.

The Effect On Coordination

A study conducted in 2015 on 10 males and 10 females used a double-blind and placebo-controlled experiment that utilized a design to check mood using visual analog scales, a serial subtraction test, reaction time, power, agility, speed, and hand-eye coordination. The results found that using Alpha-GPC could be helpful for various types of mental tasks and physical tasks.

The Effect On Strength

Another study in 2015 delved into the effects of Alpha-GPC on isometric strength. This study lasted for six days, and it was also a double-blind, placebo-controlled study. In this case, there were 13 males of college-age who were tested. They found that those who were provided with the Alpha-GPC treatment ended up with a significantly greater amount of isometric strength based on their starting performance before the study. The study was specifically focused on the lower body, but it stands to reason that it would also work for all parts of the body.

Alpha-GPC Benefits

There are many benefits to this supplement, which makes it natural that so many people are looking into using products like Focus Formula. One of the top reasons is the help it can provide when it comes to enhancing a person’s focus. It can help with both short-term and long-term memory, as well. Some even find that the speed of their memory recall is much faster. The supplement helps to increase the blood flow to the brain. Many people have found that it can help them to improve their attention span and their concentration levels.

Athletes Benefit From Alpha-GPC

In addition to boosting the mind, the research above has shown that it can help to boost the body, as well. Many people who are athletes, weightlifters, and bodybuilders have been using Alpha-GPC as a means to help them improve their performance. In studies, as well as through anecdotal evidence, people have been able to improve their pull force, their power, their speed, and their vertical jump.

Improving Eyesight

One of the potential benefits not often talked about with Alpha-GPC is the fact that it could even help to improve eyesight. Patients in a study who were suffering from ocular ischemic syndrome started to use the supplement as a part of their therapy. It helped in the recovery of their retina, it improved the flow of blood to the eyes, and it helped to sharpen their vision. While the research in this area is limited, it is promising that there seem to be plenty of interesting benefits to Alpha-GPC.

Alpha-GPC Dosage

When it comes to the recommended dosage of the supplement, it is always a good idea to follow the instructions from the manufacturer. In the face of Focus Formula, the dosage recommended is one tablet, which has 50mg of Alpha-GPC. However, depending on how and why the supplement is being used, this can vary. Athletes, for example, will often take up to 600mg a day. Those who are experiencing cognitive decline might be told from their medical providers that they should be taking up to 1200mg a day, divided into three doses of 400mg each.

When you are first using the supplement, it is always important to follow the instructions and dosages provided to you. Also, keep track of how the supplement makes you feel and what positive changes you can experience.

Always Choose a Quality Option for Your Supplements

It is difficult to find natural sources that are full of Alpha-GPC. The body can make it by using choline, which is found in a range of foods, such as eggs, chicken, and whole grains. However, to ensure that you are getting enough of the Alpha-GPC to make a positive difference, supplementation is a good option.

Do Your Homework Before You Buy

When you are buying any supplements, it is always essential to choose those that are the best quality possible. This helps to ensure the quality of the supplements, which often relates to their effectiveness. Also, it is a good idea to read the label to check the ingredients to ensure that there are no allergens. Focus Formula, for example, uses soy lecithin.

For those who are hoping to enjoy all of the Alpha GPC benefits possible, consider using Focus Formula. The supplement has the potential to help those who are looking for a means to improve their focus, learning, and physical abilities.

Create Your Own Supplement With Alpha GPC

If you are looking to start your own private label supplement that provides the benefits of alpha GPC, check out our stock focus formula. Or if you are looking to get any kind of supplement made with any ingredient, you can contact us here for that.

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