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Choosing the Right Supplement Contract Manufacturer

Contract Manufacturing

Wondering if you should work with a supplement contract manufacturer? We’ll outline the benefits to your business and your bottom line.

The supplement industry is huge right now. How huge? $30 billion-a-year-huge. And experts agree the industry is poised to grow further.

Right now, natural wellness and preventative health solutions are popular among both baby boomers and younger generations. Thanks to new research on alternative health care, along with new technology developments, consumers are able to take their health into their own hands and focus on natural preventative measures.

There are also different health trends happening right now. For instance, much attention has been given to certain natural supplements that stimulate focus and increase mental cognition. And the benefits of ketones continues to populate many print and digital news and marketing channels.

If you’re thinking of getting into the supplements space, now is a great time to grab your share of the ever-growing revenue. And if you need some help getting your product line off the ground, you should consider working with a supplement contract manufacturer (SCM).

Contract Manufacturing

What Does a Supplement Contract Manufacturer Do?

Supplement contract manufacturers are different from regular manufacturers because they go above and beyond just manufacturing your products. SCMs take care of the entire process of making and shipping the products you sell. This means from creation to fulfillment, they handle each and every step on your company’s behalf, so you can continue to focus on growing your business and profit margins.

Benefits of Working with a Supplement Contract Manufacturer

Let’s take a closer look at how working with an SCM can benefit you:

Better Efficiency Means Higher Revenue

One of the biggest culprits of higher manufacturing costs and lost time is a lack of efficient processes. Supplement contract manufacturers put efficiency first in order to completely streamline the entire process.

As an example, a supplement contract manufacturer can source raw materials locally so there is no need for excess shipping costs. This not only moves the process forward faster and cuts costs, but it also reduces environmental impact by reducing shipping distances. This “green manufacturing” is something a supplement company can use in its marketing.

More Enticing Packaging

Let’s be honest – packing plays a very large role in a customer’s buying decision. In fact, a recent study revealed that 7 out of 10 consumers admit that packaging design influences their buying choices.

SCMs have their fingers on the pulse of what is currently working in the supplement space. They can oversee the entire packaging process from beginning to end, creating and executing designs that will stand out on the shelves.

Predictable Timelines

Consumers expect to order something online and have it shipped to them immediately. If there is any sort of delay, they will cancel their order and take their business elsewhere. When your manufacturing process is spread out over multiple companies, there is always a chance the process will become bogged down.

But, by working with an SCM, every step of the manufacturing is connected to the same company, and timeline management is far simpler and easy to control. This means no unexpected delays or keeping customers waiting.



Because SCMs work with numerous customers, they have the processes, equipment, and manpower in place to be able to scale. This means you can grow your business and your revenue exponentially.

How to Choose the Right Supplement Contract Manufacturer for Your Supplement Business

Now that you know some of the benefits a SCM can offer your business, let’s look at some ways you can determine which manufacturer to work with:

Do Their Manufacturing Certifications Meet Your Needs?

To begin narrowing down your options, you’ll want to determine which manufacturers have the certifications that meet your needs. To do this, think about what your final product specifications will be, then create a list of requirements for your potential SCM partner. For instance, will you need your product to be 100% organic or kosher? If so, your partner will need the proper certifications.

Do They Offer Formulation?

Unless you have a large enough budget to hire a chemist who will formulate the perfect balance of ingredients, you’ll need a SCM with a high level of experience in this department. The best SCM will have a chemist on staff that can work with you to design supplements that offer optimal benefits to consumers. This not only saves you money but guarantees your product actually works.

Can They Help You with EVERY Step Along the Way?

Remember, you’re not shopping around for just a manufacturer, you’re selecting a true partner who will take care of all of the logistical steps of creating, packaging, storing and shipping your product.

You’ll want a definite track record from the SCM you are considering. Ask if you can speak with some of their other customers to get an idea of what it is like working with them. Take your time on this step, as you want to be absolutely certain the company you choose can handle your business for you with no interruptions or hiccups.

Do They Have the Capability to Produce Your Product and Future Line Extensions?

Starting a business means thinking of the future. Can the company help you grow your product line? Will they be able to offer different dosage formulas and perhaps even more convenient packaging like stick packets?

Lead Time

What are Their Lead Times?

What is the time frame, on average, from purchase order to product release? A word of caution: you may assume you should go with the SCM that offers the shortest lead times. But be aware that very quick lead times could be a sign that the company potentially cuts corners.

Why Work with SMP Nutra?

We understand there are a lot of supplement contract manufacturers out there you could choose to work with. So why work with us?

We take our job very seriously and believe your products should contain what they say, do what they claim, and be safe for consumption. We’ve been in this business a while and know how to design supplements and their packaging for maximum success.

We also offer incredible customer service so you can feel confident and secure.

If you have any questions at all about what we do and how we can benefit you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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