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Cosmetic Manufacturing


Ingredients are directly added to a water or oil based mixture, depending on the formula.


Once all ingredients are present, they are mixed and blended. Additionally,  the temperature of the mixture will be raised.


After the cosmetic product is manufactured, it will be subjected to rigorous tests to confirm it’s potency and other specific details and grade. 

Polishing & Bottling

The finished product will be poured into a bottle and then the bottle is polished of any excess cosmetic blend for a clean finished look. We offer amazing packaging options to put your cosmetic product in.

Our Capabilities

Custom Cosmetic Manufacturing

We have capabilities to manufacture any cosmetic formula. From sourcing each ingredient in your formula, to post encapsulation inspection; we do it all at the best prices and the fastest lead times. We have the experience to help you formulate a new product for your target audience, or discuss with you how to properly scale your manufacturing. As your partner, it is our job for long-term cosmetic manufacturing success.

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Cosmetic Manufacturing:

Skin care is one of the most important things you can take care of to look younger. With all of our cosmetic manufacturing experience, we are able to help manufacture any private label cosmetic product.

Cosmetic Manufacturing Process

Brewing up the right formula for a cosmetic is a tedious process. With many steps, it can be somewhat time consuming, but with good machines, it can be easier. The basic steps are:

  1.  Preparation of water and oil base in a tank
  2.  Blending of ingredients
  3.  Pouring ingredients into the tank
  4.  Heating of the water to melt ingredients
  5.  Pour in thickening and coloring agents
  6.  Add emulsifiers and stabilizers with added heat
  7.  Mixing process continues until the blend is the right consistency

The process to manufacture your private label cosmetics is clearly something that can take precision and the correct machinery. We are more than capable of manufacturing any kind of custom cosmetic formula for you.

Specific Production Ingredients in Cosmetics

Manufacturing your cosmetic formula can allow for great and new cosmetics to be made. With so many variations in the formula, such as coloring agents, scent agents, thickness, and more, it is clear why every choice has a significant impact. 

The thickness of the private label cosmetic product hangs heavily on the use of emulsifiers. That is the ingredient that will be keeping substances together, when they should naturally separate, with the best example being water and oil. The emulsifier will affect the oil and water’s surface tension to allow it to work together and stay at a perfect consistency and texture.

Preservatives are added to the blend to fend off bacteria from growing and to also extend the shelf life of the product. Preservatives can be both organic or synthetic, while some common ones in the industry currently include benzyl alcohol, parabens, and salicylic acid. 

Thickeners are a vital ingredient in private label cosmetics as it will ensure the thickness of the finished product. The right balance of texture and thickness is essential for the usability of the cosmetic. Mineral thickeners are natural ingredients that will absorb water and oil to increase the overall thickness of the mixture. Conventional thickeners include silica and bentonite. While organic thickeners get the desired results, nothing beats the results of a synthetic thickener such as carbomer. 

Color can be the deciding factor when choosing a cosmetic product. Manufacturing private label cosmetic products allow for your selection of color from a limitless spread. Minerals are used intermittently as coloring agents, as a source of organic coloring. Minerals commonly used include mica and manganese. Coloring agents can be harvested from plants too. Beet powder, alkanet powder, and cocoa powder are a few of the plant-based ingredients used for coloring.

The possibility to make a unique cosmetic product is evident with the many variables that can be adjusted. 

cosmetic manufacturer
cosmetic manufacturer

We Are Your Cosmetic Manufacturer

When you are looking for a manufacturer to produce your private label cosmetic blend, look no further as we have capabilities to make any formula. Additionally, we are based in the USA providing for a very good marketing point you can print on your labels. With unbeatable turnaround time and bulk prices, we are the best choice as your private label cosmetic manufacturer.

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We have a wide range of stock products we offer. Each product is made specifically and is going to be handled and maintained with the utmost care. You can check out our stock products here.
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