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What Glucosamine Is Known For

Joint health is an important aspect of people’s quality of life. The ability to move about to see loved ones and do activities you enjoy is important. Glucosamine can help protect your joint health, to get you back to doing what you love.

An Eventual Need For It

Naturally, people have glucosamine in the cartilage that protects their joints. Over time, this cartilage can wear down, leaving people with daily pain when completing even the simplest of tasks, such as walking out to the mailbox to retrieve the mail.

Can Provide A Cartilage Boost

To get back to your overall health and wellbeing, you can take an oral supplement of glucosamine to restore your healthy cartilage that protects your joints. Taking glucosamine supplements is generally considered to be a safe activity. The only drug interactions that could pose a problem are when you mix it with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (also known as NSAIDs).

Where Glucosamine Comes From

Just like humans, animals have glucosamine around their joints to serve as protective tissue. To create supplements, skilled professionals harvest glucosamine from shellfish. Because glucosamine supplements generally come from shellfish, individuals who have a sensitivity or allergy to seafood should consult a doctor before beginning glucosamine supplements.

Can Be Made Artificially

Scientists can also create glucosamine in a lab. This is a less popular way of creating the supplement and is not as natural as harvesting it from shellfish. Glucosamine supplements come in many forms, including N-acetyl glucosamine, glucosamine sulfate, and glucosamine hydrochloride.

Glucosamine for dogs

Just like humans, studies show that dogs can suffer from joint pain, especially as they age. Providing glucosamine to your dog regularly can help protect their cartilage and help them age in a healthy manner.

Dog Joint Pain Relief

Much like glucosamine supplements for humans, there do not appear to be any serious side effects for dogs. And because glucosamine has an anti-inflammatory effect, it can reduce your dog’s pain if it already has poor joint health.

For Dogs Of Any Age

Glucosamine is both preventive and restorative. You can start giving it to your dog from a young age to protect its joints and continue into its old age to restore its joint health. And while it’s working to restore your dog’s joint function, it will improve your pet’s quality of life by reducing the pain associated with poor joint health.

Liquid glucosamine

Liquid glucosamine can be an effective way to add glucosamine to your diet. Plus, most versions of liquid glucosamine combine the supplement with other commonly used supplements to treat overall joint health. This can reduce the number of supplements you take each day.

It May Be Easier For Dogs To Take Liquid Supplements

For dogs, liquid glucosamine can be a good option for getting an important supplement into their diet. You can add the liquid to the dog’s food or give it to the dog directly. Getting a dog to consume a supplement in pill form can be difficult if not impossible so the liquid form is much easier.

Dog Food With Glucosamine

Many major dog food brands include glucosamine in their food to support a dog’s joint health. Research shows that dogs need approximately 20mg of glucosamine per pound of their overall body weight each day. For the average dog, this means that it needs about 1,000 mg each day.

Read your dog food labels carefully to see how much glucosamine it contains to better understand if your pooch needs a glucosamine supplement. Talk to your vet as your dog ages to discuss the animal’s needs to live a healthy, pain-free life.

Create Your Own Private Label Supplement With Glucosamine

Glucosamine has natural anti-inflammatory effects and can help protect joint health as well as improve it after it has deteriorated. If you want to add a powerful and safe supplement to your inventory, be sure to check out our stock joint support which contains 1500mg of glucosamine sulfate in each serving. However, we are capable of managing any kind of nutraceutical supplement. For inquiries about all of our other services, you can contact us here.

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