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What Is Vegetable Glycerin?

Vegetable glycerin is a clear liquid generally made up of natural ingredients from plant oils, such as coconut, soybean and palm oils. Though it has no scent, glycerin is proven to improve dry skin when used as a soap or within lotions. Plus, it’s sweet, syrup-like consistency makes it easy to consume and can help in keeping you well hydrated.

Because glycerin is sweet, you might see it on the labels of some of your favorite products at the grocery store. Glycerin is a natural sweetener.

The History Of Glycerin

The use of vegetable glycerin dates back two centuries and is believed to have been discovered by accident. Today, its benefits are better known and researched.

To create vegetable glycerin, you can heat up vegetable fats that are high in triglycerides along with lye or other strong alkalies. The glycerin then splits away and forms the syrupy liquid.

Glycerin soap

Because glycerin is derived from all-natural ingredients, it makes for a soap you can feel good about putting on your skin. It’s also free from chemicals that could cause skin irritation for some people.

Plus, glycerin uses your skin’s natural moisture to prevent dry skin. Most soaps strip away your skin’s natural moisture, leaving people constantly applying lotion to their hands for artificial moisture.

Oily Skin Care

Though glycerin is regularly touted for its benefits to individuals with dry skin, it is also great for individuals with oily skin. Given its non-greasy consistency, it won’t add more oil to your skin but will help it optimize the oils built-in.

Hydrated Skin

Glycerin Promotes Skin Hydration

Scientists have proven that glycerin has a moisturizing effect when used on the skin. During the study, scientists evaluated the skin hydration of participants at a location on their skin where they used glycerin and at a site where they did not.

After 24 hours, the site where they had applied glycerin had 29% better skin hydration than the location that the individual did not apply glycerin to.

The study also evaluated whether or not glycerin had an effect on the body’s natural oils. It tested the transepidermal water loss on the skin in treated versus non-treated sites of the body. The areas where the study individuals applied glycerin had lower levels of transepidermal water loss compared to the areas that did not receive glycerin treatment.

Endurance Running

Glycerin Can Effect People In Endurance Based Activities

Just like its effects on the skin of helping retain moisture, glycerin may be helpful in retaining fluid during endurance activities. A study found that when 2.4 grams of glycerin per pound of an athlete’s body weight was mixed with water, fluid retention improved 50%. With adequate hydration, athletes may be able to perform at an improved level.

Another study evaluated glycerin consumption compared with athletes that only consumed water or consumed sports drinks. The study found that glycerin was more effective in aiding in fluid retention than sports drinks or water alone.

Additionally, proper hydration is an important aspect of regular bowel movements. Because glycerin promotes your gut to retain more water, it can help your gut move foods along through your system smoothly.

Is Glycerin Vegan?

Most forms of glycerin are derived from plants. It is possible to create glycerin from beef or mutton fat using the same process as is used to create vegetable glycerin. While vegetable glycerin is more common than animal-based glycerin, you should read the label of your favorite products to ensure it is vegan.

Glycerin Is Very Common

You might be surprised by the many products that include glycerin, such as lotions, hand soap, shampoos, lip balms, and toothpaste. Before you purchase beauty products, read the label to ensure the company manufactured it using vegetable glycerin. If so, your product is vegan.

Helps Keep Food Fresh

Some frozen foods and pharmaceuticals also contain glycerin to maintain their moisture levels. When reading the label on your products, you might see glycerin listed as glycerol. 

Environmentally Friendly

In addition to being a vegan product, glycerin is also considered a green product, which means it has a low environmental impact while also being easily available.

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Create Your Own Supplement With Glycerin

If you are looking to create your own private label supplement, our krill oil uses vegetable glycerin to aid in its delivery to your system. Plus, you’ll get the hydrating benefits of glycerin alongside the health benefits of krill oil. On the other hand, if you want to create any other kind of nutraceutical supplement, you can contact us here for any questions or concerns.

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