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Matcha Leaf

Make Matcha a Part of Your Supplement Routine

Green tea has been a popular type of drink for more than just the taste. It can provide the body with many different benefits whether it is taken as a supplement or enjoyed as a beverage. Matcha is a special type of green tea made of fine powder. It is made specifically from tea leaves that have been protected from sunlight.

Special Way To Cultivate Matcha

When the leaves have protection from sunlight, the amino acid content in the leaves remains high. This is particularly true with the amino acid theanine. The catechin content in the leaves will be lower than it is in other types of green tea that were grown in the full light of the sun. Also, due to the way that the tea is grown and cultivated, it is high in caffeine.

Matcha Is Grown In Shade

To make matcha, the growers will cultivate the plants under shade for around three weeks before the leaves are ready to harvest. Because of the balance of theanine, caffeine, and catechin in matcha, it is considered by most to be the best possible grade of green tea.

What Benefits Can Matcha Provide?

People have long believed that green tea can provide them with a host of health benefits, and recent research has helped to back up this claim. Researchers wanted to know whether supplementing with matcha would be able to help reduce chronic psychosocial stress, which is known to lead to a range of stress-related diseases, as well as mood disorders and depression.

Matcha For Reducing Stress

Researchers know that theanine, which is in green tea, can help to reduce stress in both mice and humans. However, green tea, particularly matcha, also has a substantial amount of caffeine and epigallocatechin gallate, which antagonize the effect of the theanine. The arginine found in green tea helps to enhance the impact of the theanine, though.

To boost the effects of theanine in green tea, it is possible to create a low-caffeine version. This can be done through proper preparation. Essentially, by flooding them with hot water that is 95 degrees Celsius. It is possible to find and purchase low-caffeine versions of matcha, which helps to ensure that the theanine and arginine can provide the stress-reducing effects that people are hoping to find.

Data has shown that those who are drinking a low-caffeine green tea are often able to reduce their stress significantly. Studies show that the best results come from the best quality green tea, and it is essential to choose those that are low in caffeine.

What Does Matcha Taste Like?

Green tea leaves are grown and harvested in a range of ways. This means that the taste can change based on factors such as the location where it is grown, as well as when it is harvested, and how much shade is applied before the harvest, as is the case with matcha.

Additional Brewing Of The Leaves Changes The Flavor

Also, additional brewing of the leaves can change the flavor further. While the first and second brews tend to stay the same, the third and fourth brews often provide a milder taste.

Commonly Said To Have A Nutty Taste

The taste of matcha can vary, as well. It tends to have a nutty taste that many people find to be slightly bitter. The tea also tends to have an earthy and vegetal flavor to it. Ultimately, the taste will depend on the region in which the matcha is from, as well as the overall production quality. Some versions have more bitterness and some that are sweeter. Ceremonial matcha is considered the highest-quality matcha available for drinking. This has a beautiful green color, and the powder has a fine texture to it.

How Much Caffeine is in Matcha?

As mentioned, caffeine is present in high quantities in matcha. The amount of actual caffeine in this type of green tea can vary, though. In typical matcha, it could be as much as 73mg in a teaspoon. Regular green tea has only around 40mg. A cup of typical coffee will have around 95mg, and black tea will have around 63mg.

Just Enough Caffeine To Be Effective

Even though the matcha has a lower amount of caffeine than black tea and coffee, there still tends to be enough in it that it could potentially reduce the stress-relieving effects that people are trying to achieve. For this reason, those who are drinking the tea as a means to resolve some of their stress issues will find that opting for low-caffeine brands will be the best option.

By drinking the low-caffeine version, they will essentially get the best of both worlds. They will have less caffeine, which can cause jitteriness and anxiousness, but they will still get the theanine and arginine that will help them with their stress.

Where to Buy Matcha

Fortunately, it has become easier than ever for people to find all of the various supplements they could want or need. With more and more people understanding and embracing the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, it is possible to find matcha tea in health supplement stores, grocery stores, and even places like Walmart. Of course, those who want to have more variety will also find that shopping online will present them with a host of choices. The Internet can allow people to buy a range of different grades of matcha including ceremonial matcha powder.

Use Precaution When Buying Online

Of course, whenever you are buying online, you must take the time to research not only the tea that you are going to be getting but the seller, as well. Check out reviews of the supplements you are considering to be sure you are getting the best possible option.

Supplementing with Matcha tea can be an excellent way for people to have a healthy drink and to reduce their levels of stress. Of course, green tea also has other health benefits that can be enjoyed. People drink tea to help with their cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, tooth decay, blood pressure, weight loss, and more.

Make Your Own Matcha Supplement

If you want to start your own private label supplement that utilizes the health benefits of matcha, check out our stock matcha gummies. We are capable of manufacturing any kind, so you can contact us here to discuss other opportunities.

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