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What Is Molybdenum?

Molybdenum is a trace mineral found in the soil that is also important in many functions of the body. While it is only necessary in the body in small amounts, a lack of molybdenum can cause problems. Molybdenum serves an important purpose in the breakdown of sulfites within the body and the removal of toxins from the body.

Molybdenum supplement

Molybdenum is found in many common foods, such as grains and legumes. This makes sense since the mineral exists in the soil. It can also be found in the liver or kidney meat from animals. It is not as prevalent in other types of meat or fruits and vegetables.

Since molybdenum is found in many common foods, you may think that get plenty of the mineral from your daily diet. However, many people do not eat a diverse diet consisting of many beans, grains, and legumes. Also, molybdenum is not easily absorbed by the body from typical food sources.

Recommended Dosage

For these reasons, many people turn to supplements in order to get the required amount of molybdenum into their body. Supplements contain molybdenum in different forms, and there is not much evidence to show that one form is better than another. You can find these supplements generally available in capsule form, and dosages range from 50 to 500 mcg.

Molybdenum uses

People take molybdenum supplements for a variety of uses. Most commonly, people use it against inflammation, but it can also be great for thyroid support. Molybdenum helps promote proper thyroid functioning, among other things.

Provides Cell And Tissue Protection

Molybdenum helps the body in its fight against free radicals. Hence, it helps against damage to cells and tissue caused by oxidation. It also aids the body in the creation of certain enzymes that can guard against autoimmune diseases.

Molybdenum Supports Your Thyroid

One of the more popular uses of molybdenum is for thyroid support. It aids with proper thyroid function and may even help protect against thyroid cancer. The thyroid’s production of essential T3 hormones is aided by the enzymes that molybdenum helps to create.

Effects On Hashimotos’s Disease

Many people are affected by Hashimoto’s disease and look for treatment options for the disease. This is another potential use for molybdenum. Hashimoto’s disease is caused by the body’s own immune system attacking the thyroid. Molybdenum can aid in the treatment of this disease by providing thyroid support and helping to prevent the autoimmune issues.

Molybdenum Is A Natural Element

Given that molybdenum is a naturally occurring element, it is an element that you will find in the periodic table. It has an atomic number of 42, and it is a solid at room temperature. Molybdenum was first discovered in 1778 by a Swedish chemist named Carl Scheele.

What A Molybdenum Deficiency Feels Like

Molybdenum deficiency can result in some pretty serious symptoms. More severe symptoms include fast heart rate, vomiting, and disorientation. Some observations indicate that a molybdenum deficiency can lead to an increased chance of esophageal cancer. In a particular region in China, esophageal cancer is 100 times more frequent than in the US. It has been found that the soil in this region contains extremely low levels of molybdenum; therefore, its residents may be experiencing prolonged deficiency of the mineral.

In addition to the symptoms above, there can be other symptoms of a deficiency. Since molybdenum assists with enzyme production in the body, a lack of the proper amount can cause thyroid enzyme production to become low. This can lead to weight gain, lethargy, and a slower metabolism.

Potentially Important For Cancer Patients

In addition to the link to esophageal cancer noted above, molybdenum can be used for treating other types of cancer. Given its link to enzyme production, it is very good for liver function and thyroid support. It can also be used for allergies and joint support.

Plants Benefit From It Too

Not only is molybdenum essential for humans and animals, but it is a necessary trace mineral for plants too. Molybdenum assists bacteria in the conversion of nitrogen gas into nitrates that are vital for plant growth and development.

Method Of Obtaining Molybdenum

Molybdenum is obtained from mining its ore, molybdenite. It can also be obtained as a by-product of copper mining. In the past, molybdenum was used to make pencils because of its soft, black nature. In fact, molybdenum can easily be confused with graphite, which is used to make most pencil lead today.

Final Thoughts On Molybdenum

While molybdenum is a naturally occurring trace mineral in the earth, we sometimes do not have enough of it in our diet. It is difficult to absorb from most foods; therefore, a supplement can be a good alternative to getting the proper amount. It is essential for thyroid support and other health benefits such as the removal of toxins from the body.

Create Your Own Molybdenum Supplement

When trying to create your very own molybdenum supplement, it might be a tough decision to decide what kind of supplement it will be a part of. Luckily, we offer an effective and beloved stock thyroid support formula, that utilizes molybdenum. If you would like to formulate a different supplement using molybdenum or any other ingredients, contact us here as we are ready to start manufacturing any kid of nutraceutical supplement.

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