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Pectin: An Important Addition To A Powerful Supplement


What Is Pectin And How Does It Affect Your Health?

Pectin is a naturally occurring substance found in the cell walls of many vegetables and fruits. It helps give structure to your favorite fruits and veggies. If you cook pectin at a high temperature with sugar and acid, you then get a gel. This gel is commonly found in many foods.

The key ingredient in jams and jellies is pectin. That’s what gives them their semi-solid form. Additionally, pectin can be used instead of fats to help thicken certain dishes and gravies.

Apples Are Great For Pectin

One of the most common sources of pectin is an apple. Apples are a very firm fruit because they are rich in pectin. The same is true of citrus fruit rinds. In fact, marmalade is possible because of all the pectin in the orange rind.

Fruits that you can easily mash up, like bananas or strawberries, are very low in pectin. Making strawberry jelly means adding more sugar and cooking it for longer than you would need to for other fruit-flavored jellies.

Is Pectin Vegan?

While pectin has many of the same uses as gelatin, there is one key difference. Gelatin is made from animal parts, which means it is not vegan. However, because pectin comes from fruits and veggies, it is 100 percent vegan.

Because pectin and gelatin are often interchanged when creating jellies, jams and gummies, be sure to read the label to check and see how the food was made. Some jars make it easy to know your food is vegan, while on others, you’ll have to read the label carefully. Just know that if you see pectin in the ingredient list with no listed animal ingredients, you can be reassured that it is vegan.

Liquid Pectin

You can buy liquid pectin at many grocery stores in the baking section. This product is most prevalent in stores during harvest and canning season. It’s most commonly used as part of the process of turning fruits into jelly or jam. You can use either liquid pectin or powdered pectin to turn your fruits and veggies into jam or jelly.

To make liquid pectin set up into a jelly-like substance, you must boil it at high temperatures. This is different from gelatin that does not need high temperatures to become more solid. Plus, you need to add sugar to pectin to make it thicken, whereas gelatin you do not.

What’s great about pectin is that it’s very easy to add to your diet. You’ll still be able to enjoy your favorite foods without having to add in toppings or ingredients that make it taste bad.

Create Your Own Private Label Supplement With Pectin

If you are now interested in creating your own private label supplement that benefits from pectin, check out our stock hair bear gummies. If you are interested in other blends or other products, you can contact us here with any questions.

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