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Phosphatidylserine Protects And Nurtures Your Brain

Phosphatidylserine is a fatty substance that naturally occurs in your brain. As you age, phosphatidylserine levels may decrease, leaving you with foggy memories and difficulty remembering to do the activities you committed to doing.

According to a study, you can help prevent memory loss with phosphatidylserine supplements.

Method Of Incuring

Scientists develop phosphatidylserine from natural sources, such as soy and cabbage. The body can process and use up to 800 milligrams of phosphatidylserine per day. The amount you’ll find in supplements will vary, but any amount of phosphatidylserine is proven to have health benefits.

Create Your Own Private Label Supplement Using Phosphatidylserine

If you are looking to create your own supplement for anxiety and or sleep, be sure to check out our stock focus formula. If you want to create a different supplement or have any other manufacturing questions, you can contact us here.

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