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The supplement industry is one of the fastest-growing industries currently. The prenatal vitamin section of the industry has the potential to be the largest part of the industry today and for the future.

Current statistics show that there are more than 6 million pregnancies every year and as such, the demand for prenatal vitamin supplements is currently high and will continue to be so.

Pregnant women need to supplement with prenatal vitamins since they have additional nutritional needs for themselves to support the growing fetus within their uterus.

Even with the availability of a variety of food, these nutritional needs cannot all be met through a woman’s diet and so supplementation is the best way to ensure that your fetus gets the nutrition it needs.

Prenatal vitamins are not new to the market and have been around for many decades, they just have gotten better over time. As a matter of fact, they have been around since the early 1970s. Back then vitamin companies started by simply adding folic acid in their multivitamin formulas.

These new vitamin formulations were manufactured and marketed specifically to women who were pregnant. Research about the effects of folate on birth defects had been published prior to the ’70s as far back the 1950s and it is the results of this research that boosted the marketing of prenatal vitamins showing that supplementation with folic acid was very efficacious and beneficial to both mother and baby.

Supplementing The Mother’s Health

Mothers should supplement during pregnancy so that their babies can be healthy and develop properly throughout the pregnancy as well as afterward. Pregnant women also need to supplement their own health as well and this has proven by old research.

Women’s bodies go through a lot of changes during pregnancy and these changes put additional strain on their bodies. The additional strain requires certain vitamins and nutrients in higher quantities than would be necessary for a woman who is not pregnant. New research also shows that supplementation during pregnancy is also linked to better adult health for the fetus later on in life.

The sad news is, however, that some other studies also show that women are not aware and do not pay too much attention to their needs as it relates to nutrition. This is surprising given that we are living in a modern society where supplementation is very popular for a variety of health reasons.

A prenatal vitamin is made to provide the pregnant body with specific vitamins and nutrients that are required in greater amounts during pregnancy.

The Vitamins Included

These nutrients include iron, folate, calcium, and DHA. By increasing the needed vitamins a prenatal supplement is different from your typical multivitamin supplement to meet the added needs of the body and the developing fetus during pregnancy.

Studies and surveys done have shown that a large percentage of pregnant women do not consume a proper diet, nor do they get enough exercise each day much less to take a daily prenatal vitamin.

Most women who are pregnant and not taking prenatal vitamins note that their reasons for not taking prenatal vitamins is that the vitamins are responsible for symptoms of nausea.

We can imagine that this can be a very troublesome side effect since pregnancy itself causes nausea for the majority of pregnant women even outside of supplementation.

Manufacturing Prenatal Vitamins

If you are a company that is considering bringing prenatal vitamins to market there are many things to consider. It is important to look at the research that has been done and is available to help to design your very own prenatal supplements.

For example, research has shown that the issue of these supplements causing nausea is linked to a scented coating that is or was used on many prenatal vitamins. One way to prevent your supplements from causing this side effect of nausea is by making prenatal capsules instead of coated tablets.

Nowadays there has been an increase in interest in all things natural and organic especially so when it comes to products that are being ingested into the body. This, of course, can be seen in the market for prenatal vitamins as well.

Women want to ensure that they are putting only the best things in their bodies to benefit themselves as well as their unborn child or children. So, you may consider having an all-natural prenatal vitamin supplement which will really appeal to the current market. That is just one way you can look into to ensure that your prenatal vitamin supplement will be able to stand out once it hits shelves.

Private Label Prenatal Vitamins 

We can help you create a prenatal vitamin supplement for your brand, or are you just starting your brand and want to start with a prenatal vitamin supplement? Yes, we can help you with either of those scenarios.

We have many years of experience in the supplement industry and so we here at SMP Nutra know what needs to be done to get your brand in front of consumers in the United States and all over the world without the shadow of a doubt.

Our vitamins are different from other private label manufacturers vitamins and we are capable of helping you through every step of the process even to get a unique formulation to set your supplement brand apart from those that are currently already on the market. Setting your supplement apart is very important to ensure the success of your brand and to allow your brand to stand out to consumers.

In creating your own private label prenatal vitamins, you want to ensure that your supplement is giving the end-user exactly what they are looking for. All of our supplements are manufactured in our GMP certified facilities so you can be certain you will only get the best quality supplements from us here at.

We will not only manufacture your vitamins but also take care of labeling and packaging as well. When you choose us, you get an easy streamlined process from start to finish and also get peace of mind without all the stress of trying to get it done all by yourself.

When you choose us to manufacture your line of prenatal vitamins you can rest assured that your supplements will be one of the best available on the market for both mother and child. We ensure that our prenatal formula has all the important minerals and vitamins necessary for both mother and baby.

We want you to think only when considering which manufacturer should take your private label prenatal vitamins to market. Health care professionals agree that prenatal vitamins provide both the mother and the fetus with the requirements necessary for the body to meet its nutrient needs during pregnancy.

Studies also prove that a top-quality prenatal vitamin will help support a mother’s immune and nervous systems during pregnancy as well as afterward into breastfeeding. With all the research and health care professionals recommending to pregnant women that they should take prenatal vitamins you can be certain that getting into prenatal vitamin supplementation is a great choice.

Start Your Own Prenatal Supplement Line

If you are looking to manufacture your own prenatal vitamin supplements, be sure to check out our stock prenatal formula. If you are more interested in a custom formula, we can help you with that too, just contact us here with any questions or concerns.

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