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Clear Sports Nutrition Powders Plastic Scoopers

Clear Sports Nutrition Powders Plastic Scoopers

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Material: PP
Color: As per your request
Description: Our plastic scoops/spoons are clear plastic disposable items that are designed to be packaged with some of our jars and bottles to help the customer measure out the appropriate amount of whatever product they are using. They come in various shapes and sizes.
Certification: BPA Free, SGS, FDA

More professional services:
1. OEM services
2. Label application
3. Unlimited color selection
4. Unlimited shape selection

Item# Resin Volume Outer Diameter
PPNTU-003-6.5CC-SCP PP 6.5cc 27.02 17.27 70.95
PPNTU-003-9CC-SCP PP 9cc 29.89 15.47 77.58
PPNTU-003-15CC-SCP-FNL PP 15cc 37.50 41.50 94.00
PPNTU-003-18CC-SCP PP 18cc 35.48 22.93 69.43
PPNTU-003-24.5CC-SCP PP 24.5cc 38.20 20.50 174.00
PPNTU-003-25CC-SCP-FLD PP 25cc 44.30 47.50 110.94
PPNTU-003-60CC-SCP PP 60cc 46.40 40.61 84.74
PPNTU-003-80CC-SCP PP 80cc 46.46 55.66 84.78
PPNTU-003-90CC-SCP PP 90cc 57.02 39.87 88.54
PPNTU-003-4OZ-SCP PP 4oz 55.35 53.12 88.24


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