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Induction Seal / Cap Liner

Induction Seal / Cap Liner

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SAH and SAB Technology:

By adopting The SAH and SAB/(SuperAirBalance) technology, our 00 1 FV, 001 1v and 001PV series seals has been proved can be working effectively not only to prevent the bottle imploding or paneling but also to stop the permeable humidity from the air into the sealed bottle! For protein powder, pre-workout powder, the products, of which the life warranty is sensitive with humidity-permeable, the oOlMV and FV seals has been strongly recommended. For tablet, capsule, pills, of which the products has been packed with a canister which diameter is less than 80mm the oOlNV seals is recommended.





Way of Separatlon 

00l-Heat Induction Seal PS-Paper Sheet 01-PE MV-Micropore Vented O-Sepa rated
002-Pressure  Sensitive  Seal PSE-Paper Sheet Easy Tear 02-PET NV-N on-Vent ed l-non-separated
PF-PE Foam 03-Universal PV-Pinhole Vented
PFE-PE Foam Easy Tear FV-fiberv ented
LV- Line Vented


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