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Plain Black Plastic Cap

1. Multiple color options available
2. Wide range of sizes
3. FDA approved plastic material
4. Logo can be customized

1. Sports nutrition products
2. Powders, capsules and pills
3. Food or organic products container

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Item# Description Resin Diameter(mm)
PPBLK-40MM-CAP 40mm Caps PP 40mm
PPBLK-53MM-CAP 53mm Caps PP 53mm
PPBLK-63MM-CAP 63mm Caps PP 63mm
PPBLK-70MM-CAP 70mm Caps PP 70mm
PPBLK-89MM-CAP 89mm Caps PP 89mm
PPBLK-100MM-CAP 100mm
PP 100mm
PPBLK-110MM-CAP 110mm Powder Caps PP 110mm
PPBLK-120MM-CAP 120mm Powder Caps PP 120mm
PPBLK-135MM-CAP 135mm Powder Caps PP 135mm
PPBLK-165MM-CAP 165mm Powder Caps PP 165mm
PPBLK-200MM-CAP 200mm Powder Caps PP 200mm
PPBLK-66MM-SQCAP 66mm Square Caps PP 66mm
PPBLK-93MM-SQCAP 93mm Square Caps PP 93mm
PPBLK-60MM-CAP 60mm Caps PP 60mm
TPRBLK-62mm-CAP 62mm TPR Caps PP+TPR 62mm
TPRBLK-90mm-CAP 90mm TPR Caps PP+TPR 90mm
TPRBLK-100mm-CAP 100mm TPR Caps PP+TPR 100mm


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