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The Biggest Trends for the Supplement Industry in 2020

One thing is certain – the supplement industry will continue growing over the coming years. The global market value of the industry was $124 billion in 2018, and the experts believe it will exceed $200 billion by 2026. [1]

For now, our focus remains on 2020 and supplement trends that we can expect over the coming months. Here is what you can expect from the industry, and which supplements will enjoy a popularity boost in 2020.

Clean Label

The term “clean label” originates from consumers, and not the professionals. However, it is still popular and widely accepted in the industry. Achieving a “clean label” means focusing on healthy and natural ingredients while avoiding artificial compounds. [2]

It is clear why this is a trend in the age when consumers know what they want from their supplements. After all, their initial desire for supplements comes from the wish to improve or maintain health and wellness. That is why they read the labels and eliminate formulas with compounds that might harm them.

Customers love seeing that their desired supplement has no artificial fillers or flavors, or synthetic-based ingredients. That is why many manufacturers focus on natural and plant-based compounds and add them to their formulas. There is also a growing interest in sustainable or eco-friendly ingredients among supplement users. [3] In most cases, these are better for both the user and the planet.

As a part of the effort to achieve a “clean label,” manufacturers often minimize the number of ingredients included. They also aim to use common names for particular compounds, although that is not always possible due to regulations. [2]

Personalized Nutrition

If you ever had a couple of extra pounds, you probably considered a diet. Many people adjust their nutrition for potential health benefits, and those are frequently long-term adjustments.

While some healthy nutrition rules and foods to eat and avoid are clearly defined, you can pick from a wide range of diets. For example, the ketogenic diet [4] is high-fat and low-carb, but you also have low-fat and high-carb options.

That is why personalized nutrition is one of the biggest supplement trends in 2020. That way of nutrition started with supplements as healthcare experts and dietitians started recommending supplements based on the patient’s blood nutrient status. It is an approach that boosts the chances of achieving optimal nutrient needs as it is tailored to every individual.

Personalized nutrition might also help you to choose a suitable diet based on what your body needs. That can be particularly important because different people are allergic or intolerant to different ingredients. [5] By analyzing your particular situation, dieticians and healthcare experts can recommend supplements and nutrition to help with your particular goals.

Fruit and Vegetable Powder

Fruit and Vegetable Powders

Tablets and capsules are the most popular ways of consuming supplements. [1] That probably won’t change in the coming years, but powders can be among the biggest supplement trends in 2020.

Powders are an excellent way to combine multiple superfoods in a single formula. They utilize natural ingredients based on healthy fruits and veggies loaded with nutrients. Additionally, users can experiment with a wide range of flavors available on the market. Whether you like strong green or sweet and fruity flavors, you can find a supplement that meets your needs.

Fruit and veggie powders are a convenient way for users to get their nutrients from multiple sources. Instead of buying actual fruits and vegetables and eating a salad or making a smoothie, you get everything you need in a spoon of powder.

Pet Supplement

Pet Supplements

Pets are members of our family, and we want to secure them the best quality of life. If we use supplements to strive for optimal health and well-being, our pets should be able to use them, too. That is why we see the increase in pet supplements in the market.

The reports suggest that the worldwide pet nutraceutical market was worth more than six billion in 2019. [6] Many pet owners are looking for drug alternatives, especially in treating behavioral disorders and inflammation-caused pain in their animals.

We also see a trend in using hemp-based supplements, so it doesn’t come as strange that CBD oil for dogs has become popular. [7] Since CBD can deliver pain relief regardless of pain type, it might help dogs that developed arthritis or have an injury.

Sleep Supplements

Sleep and Relaxation Supplements

We are living a high-paced life with many activities and tasks on a daily level. It is hard to balance between work and private life, which is why people resort to using energy-boosting supplements that contain caffeine or even stimulators.

Those who manage to maintain their concentration and complete all daily tasks. However, once the night falls and time for relaxation comes, they find it hard to relax. As a result of trying to complete all scheduled tasks, adrenaline is preventing these people from falling asleep or even relaxing.

That is why sleep-related formulas will be a big supplement trend in 2020. [6] These remedies will promote optimal sleep patterns and help you to relax when you can’t do so by yourself. Sleep supplements often contain the same ingredients found in herbal teas, such as passionflower, valerian extract, or lavender. Additionally, they might contain minerals and vitamins to minimize fatigue and tiredness the following day.


Improvements in Capsule Design

We already mentioned that capsules and tablets are the top of the list when it comes to customer favorites of ways to take their supplements. [1] That is why the manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of capsules and bioavailability of ingredients.

Additionally, there is a trend of improving ingredient development, which includes nano and microencapsulations. [3] Those assist in enhancing solubility, stability, and bioavailability of various compounds.

Some manufacturers go with liquid capsules, which can enhance the overall potency of the supplement, resistance to tempering, and overall shelf life. These capsules also allow the use of dual-action blends. [8] these can combine two different blends to increase the efficiency of the supplement.

Sports Nutrition

Sports Nutrition Turning to Healthy Supplements

Sports supplements are one of the three major groups in the supplement market. [1] Various types of products find their ways to customers interested in improving their physical performance and appearance.

Those who want to boost muscle strength and gain weight quickly might resort to synthetic-based supplements with ingredients made in the lab. However, an increasing number of amateur and professional athletes are turning to healthy formulas based on natural ingredients.

The statistics indicate that you can find at least one “clean label” characteristic in 20% of sports nutrition products. [9] Those slowly get increasing focus of both users and industry professionals. The trend is related to an overall rise of health-conscious consumers looking for supplements that promote their performance while supporting overall health.


What Ingredients Will Be the Most Popular in 2020?

Botanical-based ingredients and formulas loaded with vitamins and minerals are the favorite of most users. But what about supplement components that will be the most popular in 2020?

Here is a list of ingredients that will become or maintain high popularity in the coming year:

  • Curcumin – a part of the turmeric plant that is considered a superfood. [10] Curcumin is often part of fruit and veggie powders, but you can find supplements where it is the only ingredient.
  • Nootropics – this group of ingredients focuses on promoting brain health and performance. [11]
  • Collagen – It promotes skin hydration and elasticity while working to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. [12]
  • Watermelon seeds – these are low in calories but loaded with nutrients like magnesium, potassium, zinc, and folic acid. [6]
  • Moringa – this tree grows in Asia and Africa, and it has a green color similar to spinach. It contains a high quantity of fiber and nine essential amino acids, which makes it a nutrient-loaded ingredient.
FDA Label

Big Companies Will Have to Follow New Label Requirements of the FDA

U.S. Food and Drug Administration revealed future changes to the Nutrition Facts Label in 2016. [13] The next year finally brings implementation of those rules. However, only companies that earn more than $10 million in annual sales should incorporate the new rules from January 1, 2020. Those who earn less will get an additional 12 months to comply with the rules.

Some changes are aesthetic, such as bigger and bolder fonts for serving sizes and calories. [14] When it comes to daily values, FDA updated them based on the latest scientific evidence. Additionally, manufacturers won’t have to mention daily values of vitamins A and C as their deficiencies are rare today. However, they will need to list the actual amount for potassium, iron, calcium, and vitamin D.

Finally, added sugars are another item that will find its place on the label. The manufacturers will have to show both the quantity and daily value percentage of added sugars included in their supplements. FDA explains this decision with the difficulty of achieving nutrient goals without exceeding calorie limits if more than 10 percent of daily calories come from added sugars.

Create Your Own Supplement Now

With the trends coming and going, the only way to benefit from one is if you jump in and get your product out there. We offer many amazing stock products that you can bring to your brand.


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