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Can You Sell Supplements on Facebook Marketplace?

Selling supplements online can be a great way of getting the product in front of the eyes of a broader audience.

The more people that know about your product, the higher chance you have at making more sales.

While many people go to conventional e-commerce platforms like Amazon to sell their online supplements, some cannot help but wonder, can you sell supplements on the Facebook marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace

When it comes to selling products online, many people turn to the side market, otherwise known as Craigslist, but over the years, that market has evolved. 

The marketplace has evolved, and now any individual with the knowledge to sell can do so on the Facebook marketplace.

The Facebook Marketplace allows anyone to sell any product they have.

One of the most common ways to find an audience or potential customers for your product is through Facebook Groups.

Can You Sell Supplements on Facebook Marketplace?

In short, no.

Facebook Marketplace specifically does not allow you to sell supplements, which they strangely categorize as medical products.

However, there are other options for selling supplements in other ways on Facebook.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups have taken the world by storm, initially intended to connect people with similar interests, Facebook groups have evolved into a space for people both people trying to sell products, and people looking towards buying new ones.

These groups are commonly filled with thousands of people and can have over 500,000 members in some cases.

People, which are already connected throughout the group, can then react, comment, and message each other to negotiate the price of the product or service or learn more about it.

As such, this has, in an indirect way, revolutionized the way people sell and buy products online.

Especially if you are a fan of the second-hand market, the chances are that you will find something interesting and unique within this group that you would find nowhere else.

When it comes to supplements, you specifically need to target a Facebook buy and sell group with many fitness enthusiasts in it.

You can also target a group that is focused on health and wellness or what your supplement will help with. When communicating in these groups, you should sound like a human and not a brand; people will enjoy connecting with a person more than a brand.

Since people are ingesting these supplements, they want to ensure they are handling a safe supplement. Any tampering of the bottle and lid may lead them to be worried and not trust the contents inside.

How to Sell Supplements on Facebook

Facebook can be an excellent way to sell supplements, especially when considering the number of people who use Facebook.

You can set up individual posts and negotiate with as many people as you want to, assuming you have the supply ready.

This means that, once you post an item, you can see countless requests in terms of private messages or comments with people interested in purchasing the supplements from you. After this, you can negotiate the best way to deliver the supplement to their address and finalize the sale.

This process can also be automated with pre-determined first messages that come as a reply automatically from your Facebook Sales page. You can even run advertisements to boost your post by increasing the number of people that see it.

With advertisements, you pay a fee for your posts to be boosted and shown in front of a wider audience.

With the advertisements, you will input your “budget” for spending on the advertisements. Once you do this, the ads will run and be put in front of more people. Each time a person sees your ad and clicks it, it will cost you a certain amount of money from your budget. This depends on many factors like competition and estimated action rates that are automatically generated by Facebook.

Keeping up with marketing on Facebook is a process in itself. Suppose you choose to go through the Facebook groups path. In that case, you need to consistently, almost daily, push your product in the group for it to show up on the feed. This is due to the large volume of posts made in these groups that have tens of thousands of members. It is very easy for your post to be drowned out after other people begin posting after you do.

To add, many groups have a single pinned post; this pinned post will be seen by every single person that gets to the group page. While a pinned post is commonly sold to people who want to promote their product, it makes the competition with your supplements that much more tough.

Potential Collaborations You Can Make

Aside from selling supplements, you can also make combinations with other people in the industry.

For example, many people who would buy supplements are people who go to the gym to train or maintain a healthy lifestyle in general. So you can also sell a gym membership trial card alongside the supplements to make a more significant profit in the long term.

Great things to sell alongside the supplements are shirts or other wearable products that have your brand logo on them, so this way, you would receive free advertising if the person who buys the supplements like to wear that gear during their outings.

Suppose they are in a circle of people that also trains and wants to live a healthier lifestyle. In that case, the chances are that once they hear about your brand, they will come rushing back to you to buy even more supplements as an entire crew instead of just a single person, which will benefit you tremendously in the long term.

Facebook allows for all kinds of products to be sold on it. The flexibility and ease of access to Facebook make it a very attractive platform to sell supplements.

Manufacture Your Supplements With SMP Nutra

Looking to sell supplements on Facebook? Having high-quality supplements is crucial to the success of this venture. SMP Nutra is a leading supplement manufacturing facility that can manufacture any type of supplement.

We are also capable of producing capsules, softgels, tablets, gummies, and more. We also offer design services to make your supplement look professional and attractive.

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