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Custom Supplement Manufacturing

Made with your unique formula.

Creating all-original never before seen supplements.

500+ Private Label Stock Supplements

Lowest MOQ & lead times.

SMP invests in pre-manufacturing the latest trending supplements.

Impressive Packaging Options

Stand out from the crowd.

SMP offers a huge selection of bottles, bags, lids, etc. to fill your supplement in.

Industry Expert Label Designers

First impressions matter

Our experts will ensure your label attracts attention and complies with all FDA guidelines.

Our Supplement Manufacturing Certifications

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Our Supplement Manufacturing Certifications

2023 NPA Member Logo website logo (002)

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Capsule Manufacturing

Capsules are a great encapsulation form to hold powder or pellet blends. The shell can be made to specific design such as being made out of gelatin or a more vegetarian-friendly formulation. Your powder ingredient formula is encapsulated inside each capsule to create your complete capsule product.

Tablet Manufacturing

Tablets are a powder ingredient formula compressed into a pill form to create a nutraceutical tablet. Tablets are capable of being compressed into your desired shape and size. One advantage of a tablet is you can fit more powder into a smaller sized pill compared to a capsule.

Softgel Manufacturing

Softgels are able to have its shape, color, and size customized to however you please. Softgels offer encapsulation of liquids, instead of powder which can lead to increased absorbability.

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturing

We are able to help you get your gummy vitamins manufactured the fastest, and with no stress. Gummy vitamins are able to have its shape, color, and size customized to however you please. Gummies are loved by children, and adults alike. It is truly great as it is typically very tasty.


Powder Manufacturing

Powders are a very popular form of supplement. For example products such as collagen, greens powders and whey protein are very popular powder supplements. People like the ability to mix it with whatever you like.

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About Our Supplement Manufacturing Operation

SMP Nutra is a leading supplement manufacturer in the USA. We are capable of creating any type of nutraceutical formula thanks to our extensive world-class team and dually-equipped facilities & machinery. Bring a brand to life from the ground up or partner with SMP Nutra to expand your current operations.

About Our Graphic Design & Photography/Videography Services

SMP Nutra also offers services to enhance your brand’s marketing and overall appearance with our in-house graphics team and photographer.

You can get anything from 3D renderings to videos to be used for online marketplaces or even your own website.

Level your brand up with the assets our team can make for you, reach out today to learn more about our services and the costs associated with them.

We Can Be Found On Mainstream Media Networks

Through our hard work and determination, SMP Nutra has been covered by some of the largest networks through several press releases. SMP Nutra is dedicated to bringing the most information and quality supplements to our clients. We are thankful to have been recognized for our efforts!

Some of the networks that have covered SMP Nutra: 

Our Clients Have Hugely Successful Brands That Can Be Found in the Biggest Stores.

SMP Nutra is proud to work with many great brands that are sold on some of the best online stores, such as Walmart, Target, The Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, and more.

With SMP as your partner, you can build your brand and sell your supplements with these big stores.

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