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SMP stands for Supplement Manufacturing Partners. Our team is dedicated to be your partner in most efficiently manufacturing your growing vitamin business to scale.
Custom Manufacturing

Manufacturing custom vitamins can be a work-intense job. From formulation to sourcing to encapsulation; we can take care of everything for you at the highest quality achievable.

Stock Private Label

We have a large selection of pre-made supplements ready for your label and your customers to purchase. Stock pre-made supplements have a lower MOQ and shorter lead times.

Impressive Packaging

We offer a large selection of bottles, labels, lids, boxes, etc. We understand the importance of marketing and standing out form the competition. Packaging can go a long way to achieve that.

Fulfillment & Customer Service

After your product is complete we offer warehouse storage space and order shipping/fulfillment services. We also offer customer service options for refunds, returns, etc.

About Us

Our Capabilities

SMP stands for “Supplement Manufacturing Partner”. This is important to us because we look at every single business we manufacture for as Partners. This means we are dedicated towards your long-term success from the very beginning. We ensure your product formula will be market-competitive, packaging stands out from the pack and your product is safely stored & orders shipped out quickly. We only profit from returning customers who are successfully selling. It’s our job to do everything possible to help you achieve that.

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Fill out our “request a quote” form so we we can give you a custom price quote to get started with manufacturing your neutraceutical supplements.

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Capsule Manufacturing

Capsules are a great encapsulation form to hold powder or pellet blends. The shell can be made to specific design such as being made out of gelatin or a more vegetarian-friendly formulation. Your powder ingredient formula is encapsulated inside each capsule to create your complete capsule product.

Tablet Manufacturing

Tablets are a powder ingredient formula compressed into a pill form to create a nutraceutical tablet. Tablets are capable of being compressed into your desired shape and size. One advantage of a tablet is you can fit more powder into a smaller sized pill compared to a capsule.

Softgel Manufacturing

Softgels are able to have its shape, color, and size customized to however you please. Softgels offer encapsulation of liquids, instead of powder which can lead to increased absorbability.

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturing

We are able to help you get your gummy vitamins manufactured the fastest, and with no stress. Gummy vitamins are able to have its shape, color, and size customized to however you please. Gummies are loved by children, and adults alike. It is truly great as it is typically very tasty.


Powder Manufacturing

Powders are a very popular form of supplement. For example products such as collagen, greens powders and whey protein are very popular powder supplements. People like the ability to mix it with whatever you like.

Liquid Manufacturing

We are able to help you get your liquid supplements manufactured the fastest, and with no stress. Liquids boast increased absorption. Also, the ability to be flavored, and colored to whatever you would like. 

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We are confident you will be more than satisfied with our service as we offer unlimited possibilities from being your nutritional, dietary or private label manufacturer in the USA. Supplement manufacturers have the power to produce nearly anything, whatever you wish to have made we can help get it done.

You will quickly notice we pride ourselves on being the most responsive and best supplement manufacturer you could work with. In addition, we can accommodate any kind of formula and any size order you wish to place. From bulk to small batch, we are still going to give you the best service as your supplement manufacturer.