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Vitamin Manufacturing

Custom Nutraceutical Vitamin Manufacturer

SMP stands for Supplement Manufacturing Partners. Our team is dedicated to be your partner in most efficiently manufacturing your growing vitamin business to scale.

Before creating the desired vitamin blend, the ingredients must be run through a mill machine to turn it into a fine powder.

Formula Blending

The preparation of ingredients in your formula is complete. Then weighed accordingly and all mixed to make the blend.

Coating & Testing

Each batch of vitamins is tested to confirm the proportions of the ingredients. They are then checked for any visual blemishes.


After the vitamins are manufactured and inspected, they will be packaged into a bottle of your choice. We offer fantastic packaging options to put your vitamins in.

Our Capabilities

Contract Nutraceutical Vitamin Manufacturing

As your contract vitamin manufacturer, we have capabilities to manufacture any nutraceutical vitamin formula. From sourcing each ingredient in your formula, to post tablet compression inspection; we do it all at the best prices and the fastest lead times. We have the experience to help you formulate a new product for your target audience, or discuss with you how to properly scale your manufacturing. As your partner, it is our job for long-term vitamin manufacturing success.

Dietary Vitamin Manufacturing

At SMP we can help you get any vitamin formula made. Getting the right team to do this is vital to success. With over 100 combined years experience we are more than qualified to help you efficiently and quickly.

Manufacturing vitamins and supplements is our core business. We have the ability to make any type of formula imaginable, as long as it is within means of being possible to manufacture. Being one of the largest vitamin manufacturers, we are able make any type of vitamin you can think of. We even offer many forms that are not commonly available such as liquid capsules, gummy vitamins, and probiotics. We are here to help you manufacture your vitamin to scale.

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vitamin manufacturing

Dietary Capsule Vitamin Manufacturing

Capsules are sent to the factory as a whole enclosed capsule. The capsule is then split, and the half is then filled by the process of extrusion and spheronization to secure the powder in the capsule. The other half is then put back on and sealed. For blends that are based on pellets or powder, a capsule is a solid choice. The seal locks in the contents securely, and the capsule possibly offers the best ingestion among other forms of encapsulation.

Capsule Manufacturing

Capsules are a great encapsulation form to hold powder or pellet blends. The shell can be made to specific design such as being made out of gelatin or a more vegetarian-friendly formulation. Your powder ingredient formula is encapsulated inside each capsule to create your complete capsule product.

Dietary Tablet Vitamin Manufacturing

Tablets are made of strictly powder formula blends and may contain a mixture of several different powders depending on the formula. The production process for this type of vitamin manufacturing is quite simple. It starts with the blend being compressed by a machine into tablets. These tablets may be pressed into a variety of shapes and sizes. Also, colors may be changed to nearly anything.  Tablets may be sugar or film-coated to make it both easier to swallow and have less aftertaste. Tablets will be precisely made so that it can withstand its form within the bottles and when being ingested. Tablets may be a great way to administer a blend, and it has some additional benefits such as being able to be split for half or quarter doses. 

Tablet Manufacturing

Tablets are a powder ingredient formula compressed into a pill form to create a nutraceutical tablet. Tablets are capable of being compressed into your desired shape and size. One advantage of a tablet is you can fit more powder into a smaller sized pill compared to a capsule.

Dietary Softgel Vitamin Manufacturing

A machine will cut two strips of material, and that will be put through a process of being formed into the desired shape and size. The two sides will then be almost enclosed, leaving just enough space so a pump will inject the correct amount of blend into the softgel. With the formula within the capsule, the hole that was left for the pump is closed up and will be dried for two days to two weeks. Softgels have some similarities with liquid capsules, such as being able to hold liquid formulas. Softgels also offer plenty of customization in the fact that the size, shape, and color may all be modified. The benefits of softgels may include being easy to swallow, odorless, and is tamper-proof. It is tamper-proof because any holes in the capsule are visible from contents of it leaking.

Softgel Manufacturing

Softgels are able to have its shape, color, and size customized to however you please. Softgels offer encapsulation of liquids, instead of powder which can lead to increased absorbability.

Dietary Gummy Vitamin Manufacturing

Gummy vitamins are made in a few steps. First, the blend is mixed. Then the ingredients are mixed to the appropriate levels. The mixed blend is then poured into a mold and will sit for about a day. They must then cool and are placed into a drum tumbler to dry. The gummy is now ready to be bottled and moved. Gummy vitamins may hold a wide range of formulas that include multivitamins, probiotics, omegas, immune support, and possibly more. Gummy vitamins are steadily on the rise for years now, and it is obvious why. With the multitude of tastes, shapes, and sizes, the gummies are a hit with the kids and adults alike.

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturing

We are able to help you get your gummy vitamins manufactured the fastest, and with no stress. Gummy vitamins are able to have its shape, color, and size customized to however you please. Gummies are loved by children, and adults alike. It is truly great as it is typically very tasty.


Dietary Powder Vitamin Manufacturing

Powders maybe some of the simplest ways to get your nutrients and protein. The manufacturing process consists of the formula being blended with the ingredients being measured and distributed accordingly. The powder may be mixed with many different drinks and even baked into certain goods if you are up for the challenge making it very easy to take it in whatever way you please. Depending on the kind of powder, it may be made with a variety of sources of protein such as: Whey Casein Egg Pea Brown Rice Mixed Plant Etc.

Powder Manufacturing

Powders are a very popular form of supplement. For example products such as collagen, greens powders and whey protein are very popular powder supplements. People like the ability to mix it with whatever you like.


Dietary Liquid Capsule Vitamin Manufacturing

Before liquid capsules are filled with its specific formula, it is sent to the factory as a whole but closed capsule. The capsule will be split in half and then filled with the appropriate blend. Once the mixture is within half the capsule, a machine is used to secure the two halves back together, and it is sealed. Liquid capsules may be a great way to encapsulate liquid formulas. They have many possible advantages, and a glaring one will be how effective and reliable they may be for holding significant liquid formulas.  Liquid capsules safely hold your formula because it is sealed shut to eliminate the chances of it splitting or the contents releasing. This extra protection potentially makes this encapsulation method superior to the rest for liquid blends. On top of that, the capsule itself may be made from the typical gelatin, or it may be made as a veggie capsule to be vegan and vegetarian-friendly.

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Pre-Manufactured Stock Private Label Vitamins

We offer a large variety of pre-manufactured stock vitamin formulas. 

If you are looking for the best vitamin manufacturer in the USA, we are confident to bring you the best service and be the most responsive manufacturer. We also have capabilities for organic vitamin and supplement manufacturing and even more. We hope to be your long-term private label vitamin supplier.

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