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Softgel Manufacturing

Your Custom Nutraceutical Softgel Manufacturer

SMP stands for Supplement Manufacturing Partners. Our team is dedicated to be your partner in most efficiently manufacturing your growing vitamin business to scale.
Fill Material Prep

Preparing the oil & ingredients that will be filled inside the softgel. This requires equipment such as processing tanks, sieves & mills, and vacuum homogenizers.


The process of putting the ingredients and oil into a thin layer of gelatin and wrapping the fill material to create a softgel.


Removing excess moisture from the shell, allowing it to shrink, making the softgel more firm and durable. 

Cleaning, Inspection & Sorting

We ensure all softgels are free of moisture issues & defects by inspecting the final product thoroughly.

Watch How Softgels Are Manufactured

Our Capabilities

Softgel Manufacturing

We have capabilities to manufacture any nutraceutical softgel formula. From sourcing each ingredient in your formula, to post-filling inspection; we do it all at the best prices and the fastest lead times. We have the experience to help you formulate a new product for your target audience, or discuss with you how to properly scale your manufacturing. As your partner, it is our job for long-term softgel manufacturing success.

  • Liquid Calcium + Vitamin D3 Softgels 101797 (002)
  • Krill Oil 500mg Softgels 101365
  • Aloe Vera 5000mg Softgels 101670 (002)
  • Algal Vegan DHA 400mg Softgels 101664
  • Algal Vegan EPA DHA 500mg Softgels 101663
  • Algal Omega 3 750mg Softgels 101662 (002)
  • Cod Liver Oil 500mg Softgels 101661
  • Krill Oil 1000mg Softgels 101658 (002)
  • Shark Liver Oil 500mg Softgels 101657 (002)
  • Astaxanthin 10mg Softgels 101656
  • Astaxanthin 5mg Softgels 101656
  • Salmon Oil 1000mg Softgels 101655
  • Salmon Oil 500mg Softgels 101654
  • CoQ10 30mg Softgels 101653 (002)
  • CoQ10 100mg Softgels 101652 (002)

Custom Softgel Manufacturing

SMP Nutra is a leading softgel manufacturer in the USA. Wether you have a formula prepared or want to create one, our team can help you with that process from beginning to end.

The Softgel Manufacturing Process

Softgel encapsulation is a common practice, as it is one of the most popular types of nutraceutical products. The process of producing a softgel capsule is comprised of six main steps.

Preparing The Gelatin

To begin, a machine will melt a large quantity of gelatin along with several other components. Warm water is typically used to achieve this. Once the gelatin turns into a large gel mass it will be ready.

Fill Material Preparation

Fill materials for softgels come in a variety of forms, such as liquids, oils, suspensions, or semi-solids. The fill materials are mixed and milled in a processing tank to form a fill mass.



Here the mix is turned solid as the casting drum cools and solidifies the gelatin during rotation. The mix is then fed through a set of ribbon rollers and begins to take the shape of the softgel. After the shape is formed, the softgel is ejected from the ribbon rollers.


Following encapsulation, the formed softgel capsules fall onto a conveyor. In this step, the softgel capsules are directly transferred into a tumble dryer by the conveyor. The tumble dryer works to remove any excess moisture on the softgel capsules.


Following the completion of the drying stage, the softgel capsules will be transferred to the inspection station for quality control. The products need to be inspected to find and remove any undersized or oversized, deformed, or leaking softgels.


Sorting machines are designed to provide visual inspection and sorting of softgel capsules. They automatically inspect the entire surface of the softgel capsules and sort out defectives based on color, shape, thickness, or diameter requirements.

Cleaning and Polishing

After sorting out qualified softgels, a polishing machine is then used to remove any oil residue or debris from the softgel surface. This is to give the softgel it’s traditional shape and look.

Bottling & Shipment

The softgels are now ready to be poured into their packaging, labels applied to them, and prepared to be sent out. The softgel manufacturing process is now complete.

Gelatin Softgel Components

When manufacturing softgels that are gelatin-based there are four main components that make up the softgel shell:

Unique Softgel Manufacturing Attributes

Softgels are a common form of nutraceutical encapsulation. They have mass appeal due to being able to be customized to nearly however you want.

Some of the most important factors about softgels you may be able to alter when producing your formula include:

The color of a softgel can be modified to better match the contents of it.
Produce the perfect sized softgels that are both easy to swallow and capable of delivering the formula's blend.
Softgels can be made with vegan-friendly ingredients to reach a larger audience.
Softgel's colors can be altered to match the formula better
Softgel's size and shape can be altered to better fit your formula
Soft gels can be made to be vegan-friendly and more

Private Label Stock Softgel Formulas

SMP Nutra Wants To Be Your Softgel Manufacturer

If you have a great formula that you want to be produced as a softgel, work with SMP Nutra and we can get your softgels.

Here at SMP Nutra, we have streamlined the process for you and take care of all the communication needed for your softgel capsule formula.

The softgel manufacturing process can be tricky, but with the right equipment, it will be a breeze. We are confident we can fulfill all your softgel manufacturing needs and we would be the best partner for you and your brand. 

Softgel Manufacturing FAQ

What is the MOQ for softgels?

The MOQ for softgels varies depending on whether the formula is a stock formula from SMP Nutra or a custom formula.

  • MOQ for stock formulas is 1,000 bottles
  • MOQ for custom softgels is 300,000 pieces ex 60ct 5,000 bottles.
What types of packaging can you offer for softgel products?

We offer a different range of packing options that you can view here.

Do you offer design services for softgel products?

Our team of in-house designers specializes in creating labels and other assets for nutraceutical softgels. You can learn more about these services here. 

Do you offer stock softgel formulas?

Yes, here at SMP Nutra we have a large selection of stock softgel formulas you can order for your brand today. You can view these formulas here.

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