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Amino Acid Supplement Manufacturing

Your Nutraceutical Amino Acid Supplement Manufacturer

SMP stands for Supplement Manufacturing Partners. Our team is dedicated to be your partner in most efficiently manufacturing your growing vitamin business to scale.

Your amino acid supplement formula must be blended to ensure even distribution of ingredients in each supplement.

Bottle/Bag Filling

Once all ingredients in your formula are blended, they are filled in your bottle or bag of choice. We offer some amazing packaging options to fill your supplement with.

Polishing & Inspection

Each bottle is polished for a clean finished look and triple inspected for any defects


After the supplement is manufactured, post-inspection, we run identity, potency, micro, and heavy metal tests to ensure pharmaceutical grade quality.

Our Capabilities

Custom Nutraceutical Amino Acid Supplement Manufacturing

We have capabilities to manufacture any nutraceutical amino acid supplement formula. From sourcing each ingredient in your formula, to post filling inspection; we do it all at the best prices and the fastest lead times. We have the experience to help you formulate a new product for your target audience, or discuss with you how to properly scale your manufacturing. As your partner, it is our job for long-term amino acid supplement manufacturing success.

Custom Amino Acid Supplement Manufacturing

Amino acids have been known to be very important for different reasons. They have been used in supplements for years and have continued to sell very well as they are important. SMP Nutra is capable of manufacturing any type of custom nutraceutical amino acid formula to the highest quality.

What Are Amino Acids?

Just how important are amino acids?

Amino acids are the building blocks that form one of the most important needs of our body; proteins. Amino acids are consumed in many ways by consumers who need it to build up their protein intake. One of the most common uses that we see in the market for these supplements is in the form of protein powder or whey powder. These supplements provide the body with a quick boost of protein that helps in activities like bodybuilding and other similar activities.

How Are Amino Acids Are Gathered?

Amino acids that are going to be used in supplements come from a number of sources.

To make the powder effective in delivering the desired energy, it is formed through amino acids directly. Our bodies are already breaking down the protein we consume in our food to get to the amino acids. To create these supplements, several different techniques are used. The most common source of acquiring the said amino acids is through fermentative organisms. These sources include bee pollen, whey, the protein found in soy, and several other sources as well.

Even with the advancement of technology, there are almost no processes that involve synthetic production of amino acids on an industrial scale. Fermentation is still the most commonly followed process for acquiring amino acids. However, some types require chemical processes for manufacturing such as methionine.

The use of vegetable sources has grown a lot more in recent years as the demand for vegetarian options for amino acid supplements has seen growth.

Some of the Most Common Amino Acids

The human body uses 21 amino acids to properly produce protein.

Amino acids have a large role in the body. While we only need 21 different amino acids to function, nine of them are essential,  we cannot make them naturally within our bodies. Proper diet or supplements are then needed for these 9 amino acids. 

There is also a handful of other amino acids that are important, and some include:

What is Leucine? 

Leucine is a proteinogenic BCAA.

Ieucine is a essential amino acid that is used in the natural production of protein in our bodies. Being an essential amino acid, that means it is not produced naturally in the body so we must ingest it from our diet. Some sources of leucine include:

  1. Meats
  2. Dairy products
  3. Soy products
  4. Beans
Additionally, leucine is also a ketogenic amino acid and often regarded as the most important one at that. Most of the leucine will be metabolized in the liver and muscle tissue. This is a very important amino acid that is commonly used in supplements for various reasons.

What is Valine? 

Valine is a hydrophobic proteinogenic BCAA.

Valine is quite similar to leucine. It is an essential amino acid that must be ingested through our diet and it has the same sources which includes:

  1. Meats
  2. Dairy products
  3. Soy products
  4. Beans
Although, valine has some distinct different potential uses. To note, valine is hydrophobic. This means it does not like to adhere to or come in contact with any sort of liquid. This has some effects on the molecular level in the body that verifies how valine may be quite important.

What is Methionine?

One of the many amino acids, methionine has its own set of properties that make it important.

Methionine is a special amino acid. It has traits that other amino acids do not have. For example, it has the ability to be converted into a sulfur-containing molecules.

For this amino acid, since it is an essential amino acid, we do not have the capabilities of producing this amino acid synthetically. This means the way methionine is collected is by extracting it form the many sources it comes from like meat and eggs.  

What is Cysteine?

A semiessential proteinogenic amino acid, cysteine still holds value.

Cysteine is a semiessential amino acid, meaning it may be produced in the body, but might not be produced enough. This can lead to someone needing to acquire it through diet or supplements.

Cysteine can be made synthetically. L-cysteine is commonly obtained through the process of hydrolysis of animal materials like feathers. Hydrolysis is a chemical reaction where a water molecule ruptures one of more chemical bonds.

Allowing for the production of cysteine in a synthetic means allows for large batches of it to be produced while delivering consistent results in terms of concentration.

What is Proline?

Proline is a proteinogenic amino acid that is commonly included in many supplements.

Proline is common in a range of supplements from collagen supplements to bone health supplements. It has posed as a great ingredient for them and has been used in the industry for years.

To use proline in a supplement, it must be acquired through one of its many sources, or be made synthetically. 

Package and Label Design Options For Amino Acid Supplement Manufacturing

Your amino acid supplement can be bottled in a large selection of package options.

You can view all package options here

Our team of nutraceutical specialized graphic designers are ready to make your label look incredible and comply with all required FDA label regulations.

In fact, working with a quality manufacturer makes creating your own line of amino acid products a simple process. We explore the steps involved in creating a marketable product.

Check Out Our Private Label Amino Acid Products

Make sure to check out our stock private label products. There, you can see what we believe is some of the best formulas that are on a level of their own. They possibly offer a wide variety of vitamins and nutrients that may be very beneficial.

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