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Call Us 24/7: (833) 810-9896

Call Us 24/7: (833) 810-9896

Call Us 24/7: (833) 810-9896

Supplement Manufacturing

Supplement Manufacturing
About Our Services

SMP Stands for Supplement Manufacturing Partner

About Our Manufacturing Operation

We manufacture supplements in a combined total of 277,000 sqft GMP Registered and FDA-registered facility.

 Our facilities features:

  • The most modern machinery for nutraceutical manufacturing to produce even the largest orders quickly and efficiently.
  • State of the art industrial HVAC systems keeping air filtered clean, humidity and temperature controlled.
  • Three laboratories whose sole job is for cGMP-mandated raw material testing, label analysis and final product quality assurance.
  • Quality of our raw ingredient suppliers and our relationship with them buying large quantities.
  • Huge selection of in-stock products available for lower MOQ and competitive price points.
  • Our unparalleled client relationship & services. Our mission at SMP is to treat our clients like partners in business which is why SMP stands for Supplement Manufacturing Partner. Your long term success is our long term success which is why we invested heavily into being able to scale and support your business.

Key Service Benefits

What you can expect when working with SMP


Manufacturing Minimums

Our stock products have a minimum of only 1,000 bottles. For custom manufacturing MOQs are between 1,500 and 2,000 bottles.


Our employees have a combined total of over 100 years experience manufacturing dietary supplements. All in popular forms such as capsules, tablets, softgels, powders and gummies.

Turnkey Service

We are unique to many other manufacturers because we have the ability to perform all tasks needed to product your product. Such as manufacturing, compliance, graphic design & fulfillment


Third party testing for GMP, gluten free, identity, potency, microbials, heavy metals and other allergen testing services available.

Equipment Capabilities

Our labs only use the most modern equipment to ensure your product is manufactured at the highest quality possible.

We ensure your supplements are produced with the highest quality equipment available to supplement manufacturers at this time. Good equipment only runs as good as the ingredients you put in. That is why we ensure to use only the highest quality raw materials to run in our modern nutraceutical manufacturing equipment. Our raw material warehouse stores over $20,000,000 of various large quantities of raw nutraceutical material for use in everyday manufacturing. Accurate price quotes can be given to clients in 24-48 hours because we already know all the raw material prices. Our turnaround times are also industry best. Depending on your order we can guarantee 4-week turnaround because most ingredients are already stored and ready in our warehouse. 

Tablet Compression

0 mil
million tablets per day

Powder Blending

0 k
kilos per day


0 k
bottles per day


0 mil
encapsulations per day

Gummy Vitamins

0 mil
gummies per day

Operating Capacity – Fast Turnaround Time

Supplement manufacturing operating methods to maximize efficiency.

Maximizing operation output is a top priority for SMP Nutra. Our nutraceutical manufacturing team is trained to get product runs done as efficiently and quickly as possible. This streamlined process minimizes wastage of both raw materials and employee time completing your order. Our laboratory is set up to to make sure all components are safe and compliant. The production operation department is dedicated to streamlining all steps to creating a finished nutraceutical product.

In-House Laboratories

Nutraceutical manufacturing requires extensive quality control and quality assurance.

In order to manufacture your product up to FDA regulations and Good Manufacturing Practices, there must be a laboratory in place to conduct in-depth quality control and quality assurance of your product. Testing to ensure your raw materials are what they claim to be is just the beginning of quality control and quality assurance. We ensure your product is made of the highest quality with in-house laboratories.

Raw Materials – Best Prices

Supplement Manufacturing Partners offers over 8,000 raw material choices.

At SMP Nutra we search the entire nutraceutical industry finding the best quality raw materials around the world. We attend the biggest international supplier expos and have a large network of incredible raw material suppliers. 

Clean Label Manufacturing

Offering unique clean label manufacturing options

We are constantly pushing to be better and more unique to the competition. Because in the end the quality of your product will effect your success. And your success is our success. That is why we offer clean label manufacturing to avoid using synthetic excipient ingredients in your formula that must be used in manufacturing.

Request A Price Quote

Fill out our “request a quote” form so we can give you a custom price quote to get started with manufacturing your neutraceutical supplements.

Or call us at (833) 810-9896

Recently Added Stock Private Label Products

Capsule Manufacturing

Capsules are a great encapsulation form to hold powder or pellet blends. The shell can be made to specific design such as being made out of gelatin or a more vegetarian-friendly formulation. Your powder ingredient formula is encapsulated inside each capsule to create your complete capsule product.

Tablet Manufacturing

Tablets are a powder ingredient formula compressed into a pill form to create a nutraceutical tablet. Tablets are capable of being compressed into your desired shape and size. One advantage of a tablet is you can fit more powder into a smaller sized pill compared to a capsule.

Softgel Manufacturing

Softgels are able to have its shape, color, and size customized to however you please. Softgels offer encapsulation of liquids, instead of powder which can lead to increased absorbability.

Gummy Vitamin Manufacturing

We are able to help you get your gummy vitamins manufactured the fastest, and with no stress. Gummy vitamins are able to have its shape, color, and size customized to however you please. Gummies are loved by children, and adults alike. It is truly great as it is typically very tasty.


Powder Manufacturing

Powders are a very popular form of supplement. For example products such as collagen, greens powders and whey protein are very popular powder supplements. People like the ability to mix it with whatever you like.

Unrivaled Client Service

Expect to be treated like a partner in our company when it comes to manufacturing your product.

Choosing to work with SMP Nutra you become more than just a client, we consider you a partner in long term success. You will be connected with a success development manager who can help guide you to add value to your brand through the products you make. 

See Our Incredible Private Label Supplements In-Stock Now!

Pre-Manufactured In-Stock Private Label Formulas Available

We have many in-stock already manufactured supplement products in our warehouse, ready for you label to be put on. We have real-time catalog on our website updated everyday! Check to see our inventory of private label supplements. We also offer samples of every stock supplement for you to try before investing the product into your brand.

  • Amazing UT Defense Support Capsules 101922
  • Amazing Yeast Defense Probiotic Capsules 101921
  • Womens Premium Multivitamin Vegan Gummy 101536
  • Mens Premium Multivitamin Vegan Gummy 101536
  • Happy Mood Support Sugar Free 100925
  • Water Away Gummies 101418
  • Burn + Beauty Tropical Paradise Punch Flavor 101836
  • Burn + Beauty Strawberry Lemonade 101835
  • Burn + Beauty Chocolate Flavor 101834
  • Burn + Beauty Unflavored 101833
  • Sleepy Girl Mocktail Cherry Berry 101826
  • Calm Melatonin Sleep Powder Cherry Berry 101826
  • Relax and Chill Cherry Berry 101826
  • Sleepy Girl Mocktail Strawberry 101825
  • Calm Melatonin Sleep Powder Strawberry 101825
  • Relax and Chill Strawberry 101825
  • Sleepy Girl Mocktail Blueberry 101824
  • Calm Melatonin Sleep Powder Blueberry 101824
  • Relax and Chill Powder Blueberry 101824
  • Cardio Beet Root Powder Raspberry Pom Flavor 101823
  • Beet Root Nitric Oxide Raspberry Pomegranate Flavor Powder 101823
  • Reds SuperFood Powder Raspberry Pomegranate 101823
  • Cardio Beet Root Powder Cherry Flavor 101822

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