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SMP stands for Supplement Manufacturing Partners. Our team is dedicated to be your partner in most efficiently manufacturing your growing vitamin business to scale.

Your 5-HTP formula must be blended to ensure even distribution of ingredients in each supplement.

Bottle/Bag Filling

Once all ingredients in your formula are blended, they are filled in your bottle or bag of choice. We offer some amazing packaging options to fill your supplement with.

Polishing & Inspection

Each bottle is polished for a clean finished look and triple inspected for any defects


After the supplement is manufactured, post-inspection, we run identity, potency, micro, and heavy metal tests to ensure pharmaceutical grade quality.

Our Capabilities

Custom Nutraceutical 5-HTP Manufacturing

We have capabilities to manufacture any nutraceutical 5-HTP formula. From sourcing each ingredient in your formula, to post filling inspection; we do it all at the best prices and the fastest lead times. We have the experience to help you formulate a new product for your target audience, or discuss with you how to properly scale your manufacturing. As your partner, it is our job for long-term 5-HTP manufacturing success.

Custom 5-HTP Manufacturing

With the ever-evolving supplement industry, new and more advanced supplements are being brought to the market. 5-HTPP is a fairly newer ingredient used in an array of supplements.

What is 5-HTP?

Being a newer ingredient, people are less familiar with 5-HTP.

5-HTP is a naturally occurring amino acid that is found commonly in Griffonia Simplicifolia, a plant found in Africa. The 5-HTP supplement is made from the seed of the plant which has high amounts of 5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP). 


5-htp molecule

How is 5-HTP Made?

The natural production of 5-HTP can be an interesting process.

5-HTP is produced naturally in the body. More specifically, it is produced from the amino acid tryptophan through the action of the enzyme tryptophan hydroxylase. 

While the natural production may be sufficient, there are processes to synthetically produce 5-HTP. This can be done by a two-step fermentation process that will lead to the production of 5-HTP.

This amino acid can also be sourced from natural sources like plants.

The Main Source of 5-HTP

This amino acid is able to be extracted from a certain plant.

5-HTP is extracted from the seeds of Griffonia Simplicifolia, a plant found in the African continent. The seeds are the source of this amino acid and they are collected from the plants to create the supplement. The seeds once separated from the plant, undergo a cleaning process that removes any excess dirt and extra material form the seeds. The seeds are then pulverized to create a fine powder. This powder undergoes another cycle of cleanliness that allows it to become completely pure. The final product is then mixed with a solution to remove any last particles after which it becomes completely pure. The final seed powder is then mixed with other ingredients as per the structure of the supplement.

Properties of 5-HTP 

5-HTP can be used in special made supplements.

When manufacturing supplements, the ability to produce specialized supplements is important. This can include time release supplements. The emergence of 5-HTP has led to the belief that it will be very effective in the use of these supplements, because of the chemical composition of it. Along with the fact that it is naturally absorbed in the upper-intestine typically from oral doses.

Capsule Filling Machine

Package and Label Design Options For 5-HTP Manufacturing

Your 5-HTP supplement can be bottled in a large selection of package options.

You can view all package options here

Our team of nutraceutical specialized graphic designers are ready to make your label look incredible and comply with all required FDA label regulations.

In fact, working with a quality manufacturer makes creating your own line of 5-HTP products a simple process. We explore the steps involved in creating a marketable product.

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