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Fish Oil Manufacturing

Your Nutraceutical Fish Oil Manufacturer

SMP stands for Supplement Manufacturing Partners. Our team is dedicated to be your partner in most efficiently manufacturing your growing vitamin business to scale.

Your fish oil formula must be blended to ensure even distribution of ingredients in each bottle.

Bottle Filling

Once all ingredients in your formula are blended, they are filled in your bottle of choice. We offer some amazing packaging options to fill your supplement  with.

Polishing & Inspection

Each fish oil bottle is polished for a clean finished look and triple inspected for any defects


After the supplement is manufactured, post-inspection, we run identity, potency, micro, and heavy metal tests to ensure pharmaceutical grade quality.

Our Capabilities

Custom Nutraceutical Fish Oil Manufacturing

We have capabilities to manufacture any nutraceutical fish oil or omega 3 formula. From sourcing each ingredient in your formula, to post filling inspection; we do it all at the best prices and the fastest lead times. We have the experience to help you formulate a new product for your target audience, or discuss with you how to properly scale your manufacturing. As your partner, it is our job for long-term fish oil manufacturing success.

Custom Fish Oil Manufacturing

Manufacturing high-quality supplements is something that requires precision and care throughout the manufacturing process. That is what we at SMP value, so you are able to bring great supplements to your brand. We have extensive experience with omega 3 and fish oil supplements, making us your ideal manufacturing partner.

Fish Oil Manufacturing Process

The popularity of fish oil supplement today calls for the mass production of them. They are included in many diets for people. The process for garnering the oil from the fish is something that is very unique. The process to extract the oil is called the wet pressing method and the steps are:

Fish Heating

The process of extracting oil starts with the heating of the fish. 

The first step of the fish oil extraction process is a step that is designed to separate the water and the oils in the fish from the protein. The goal is to acquire as much oil as we can from the fish, so isolating the oil from the other contents of the fish is key.

Each fish is treated differently. Any fish that is longer than 16 inches does not get heated and is directly sent to the next step of the process. Also, certain fish have impurities that require extra time and care to be handled correctly


Liquid Extraction

With the fish now heated and the oil ready to be extracted, the fish are thrown into a large machine that holds a large number of fish.

It is in this machine where the “pressing” happens, in the name wet pressing. The fish are pressed to a point where it will separate the oil from the body of the fish. The resulting liquid is a mixture of oil and water among the impurities that are also in the mix. The focus is shifted to separating the oil and water.

Sometimes, centrifugation will be done to speed up the process of isolating the oils. t is also more effective in making a more pure oil batch that has less impurities in it.


With the oil separated from the water, the last crucial step to securing the omega-3 fish oil is refining it to be pure.

Refining a batch of fish oil is the last step before being able to store it for later encapsulation. The process is quite simple as there is hot water introduced to the batch and that will help extract impurities from the oil, along with enabling it to be ready to be stored. 

Types Of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Fish oils is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. There are a couple different types of omega-3 acids, two of the most common are:

Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA)

EPA is typically regarded as the most well known omega-3 fatty acid. This acid is not naturally occurring in fish, rather it is acquired from the algae that the fish will eat. It is said to possibly help the body synthesize chemicals involved in blood clotting and inflammation.

Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA)

Similarly to EPA, DHA is not naturally existing in fish oil, it is collected from the algae they eat. Nonetheless, this is still important for humans as it is believed to have various functions in the human body such as in sperm, the retina, the eye, and parts of the brain.

Package and Label Design Options For Fish Oil Manufacturing

Your fish oil supplement can be bottled in a large selection of package options.

You can view all package options here

Our team of nutraceutical specialized graphic designers are ready to make your label look incredible and comply with all required FDA label regulations.

In fact, working with a quality manufacturer makes creating your own line of omega-3 fish oil products a simple process. We explore the steps involved in creating a marketable product.

Check Out Our Private Label Fish Oil Products

Make sure to check out our stock private label omega-3 fish oil products. There, you can see what we believe is some of the best formulas that are on a level of their own. They possibly offer a wide variety of vitamins and nutrients that may be very beneficial. We also offer other stock products and they are just as important, they can be viewed here.

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