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Instagram is home to over 1 billion monthly users, and it features over 25 million business profiles. Instagram has emerged as a prime platform to sell supplements and other products.

From this information, we can ultimately conclude that Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms currently available for any business to take advantage of.

As many fitness enthusiasts have switched to Instagram for all of their marketing needs, selling supplements, should be a breeze.
But how exactly do you sell supplements on Instagram, and what methods can you implement?

Build Your Own Following

Before you get started with Instagram, you first need to set up an Instagram business profile.

How to Set up an Instagram Business Account

Set up Instagram business account to sell supplements

To do this, set up an account on Instagram, download and install the application on your iOS or Android device of choice, and enter your Facebook, email, or phone credentials to log in and enter your business name and username.

Before you finish up, make sure to upload an eye-catching profile picture such as a brand or business logo.

Finally, in your settings, make sure that your stories are visible for anyone to make your supplements easier to find.

Create a Content Strategy

Building your following can take plenty of time, so keep this in mind when opting for this method. However, the benefit is that this method is entirely free.

It would help if you defined an Instagram strategy, and the best practices to implement are to identify your objectives from the marketing on Instagram.

You can use a funnel approach to identify your target audience and customers while also conducting some competitor analysis to see what other people are doing and how well it is working for them.

Organize Everything

Organize your account

Make a monthly calendar by setting daily or weekly tasks that you want to complete on your profile, as you grow, make it a quarterly or annual plan.

Work out a strategy for growth and get proper messaging and branding to maintain a stable and trustworthy brand image.

We are not only talking about the design of your logo but the messages you share across through posts, quotes, and general language you are trying to conceive within your brand.

Engage your target audience as engagement can go a long way.

The type of content you can make on Instagram.

Instagram is a platform at which audiences expect a visual approach. As such, you need to take advantage of images and videos to connect with people and grab their attention.

  • You can make posts, such as images, inspirational quotes, graphical content such as infographics or banners, and different videos, preferably shorter ones, so people do not get bored or scroll past them.
  • You can make stories that can include images, infographics, banners, gifs, videos, and anything you would like to share with your audience.
  • You can access IGTV, where you can upload footage from videos up to 10 minutes in length, giving you a lot more flexibility.
  • You can make a live stream video of yourself that is broadcasted in real-time, and viewers can provide live feedback.

As far as the free method is concerned, you can post regularly, be active and engaged, and add a lot of relevant hashtags to show up to the right target audience. However, this process can be very slow in some cases. This is where paid methods can help.

Go Through Big Instagram Profiles

As a business, you can run advertisements on the Instagram platform if you decide to pay for them.

These can be in the form of regular ads, which are sponsored posts that feature an image, video and text, carousel ads that feature sponsored posts with multiple photos and text, and story ads that are sponsored stories that can include images and videos, and text.

However, these, in most cases, are not as effective as going through influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is the process of advertising your supplements through profiles with more followers.

These accounts can be run by individuals, or in some cases companies, that have built a solid fan-base and following.

While on a generic advertisement, your product is just another supplement. When this supplement is recommended by a person the audience trusts, it suddenly turns into something a lot more desirable.

Make Affiliate Deals

Affiliate marketing is the process of a person gaining a percentage of each sale they make of your specific product.

So if you decide to go through the route of influencer marketing, for example, it would make a lot more sense for you to implement an affiliate program, so the fans of that profile with a lesser audience, or in some cases an even bigger audience can also join in on your advertising and get a cut of each sale.

You can decide what kind of percentage you want to give within this affiliate program. It can be 5, 10, or even 20% in some cases. It is dependent on how many followers you typically.

The Facebook Business Manager

Through the Facebook Business Manager, you can create even more personalized ways of selling your supplements online.

While its primary focus is Facebook, you can sync it and connect it with your Instagram account, giving you access to a lot more features through which you can sell.

You can separate your personal profile from your business page and manage multiple ads across pages and securely share access with numerous people you would like to manage these ads.

You can also control how much access to information each employee has based on the role they have within the company, allowing for a higher level of security.

The Facebook Business manager truly gives another dimension to how you deal with your ads and can tremendously impact the level of management and control you have over your brand and image as a whole and should be considered by anyone looking to get serious about selling their supplements online.


The guide on how to sell supplements on Instagram is different depending on the strategy you wish to use.

Overall, Instagram is a very powerful platform that can yield amazing results for a supplement brand, if approached correctly.

Start Seling High-Quality Supplements With SMP Nutra

Before you get are able to sell supplements on Instagram, you need a product that is going to sell great along with being affordable.

SMP Nutra offers a wide variety of stock supplements that you can start to sell for your brand today! Check out our stock private label supplements now!

We also offer design services to make your supplement look professional and attractive.

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