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Manufacturing Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

Supplement Manufacturing

Whenever consumers purchase nutritional supplements, product quality might never cross their minds. Yet in recent years, several major retailers have been caught selling low-quality or fraudulent supplements. A few years ago, Walmart, Target, GNC, Walgreens were confirmed to be selling fake herbal supplements (1). These products were falsely labeled, falsely advertised, and contaminated with undisclosed additives.

According to New York State’s Attorney General, only 21% percent of the store brand supplements sampled contained any of the herbs listed on the labels. Below are some specific examples (2):

  • A Walgreens store brand of ginseng pills only contained powdered garlic and rice.
  • Ginkgo biloba sold at Walmart contained powdered radish, bits of houseplants, and wheat (contrary to the label’s claim of being both wheat-free and gluten-free).
  • 3 out of 6 herbal products sold by Target (St John’s wort, ginkgo Biloba, and valerian root) contained none of these herbs. They did contain ingredients like powdered rice, beans, peas, and wild carrots.
Pharmaceutical Grade

What does it mean to be a pharmaceutical-grade supplement manufacturer?

Customers should never worry whether supplements contain the ingredients listed on the label. They shouldn’t be concerned whether they might ingest impure, harmful ingredients. Unlike other purveyors of supplements, SMP Nutra always adheres to the highest production and quality control standards. Beginning with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, we manufacture the highest-quality supplements.

What is ‘Pharmaceutical-Grade’

‘Pharmaceutical-grade’ means that the ingredients meet pharmaceutical standards. Specifically, pharmaceutical-grade vitamins and supplements must be exceedingly pure without binders, fillers, dyes, or unknown substances. In contrast, ‘food-grade’ ingredients are fit for human consumption. To distinguish pharmaceutical grade, below are the four categories of nutritional supplements (3):

  • Pharmaceutical grade – The highest quality grade for ingredients. They meet the highest regulatory standards for purity, dissolution, and absorption.
  • Medical grade – Also high-grade, but not as high as pharmaceutical grade standards.
  • Cosmetic or nutritional grade supplements – Unlike Pharmaceutical or Medical grade supplements, these might not be thoroughly tested. What’s more, this grade of supplements may not have the same concentrations of active ingredients as the label claims.
  • Feed (agricultural) grade – Intended for veterinary use

Being a Pharmaceutical Grade Manufacturer?

Dietary supplements are increasingly popular among people who want non-pharmaceutical solutions for health needs. In fact, by 2025, the supplement industry is expected to grow into an $11.4 billion industry (4).

Sadly, manufacturers of various quality have entered the supplement market. Hoping to cash in on the popularity of nutraceuticals and other dietary supplements, some unscrupulous companies don’t follow strict standards. Not only that, but their facilities can’t produce pharmaceutical-grade supplements.

In comparison, SMP Nutra is passionate about delivering only the best stock formulas and custom supplements. Specifically, our in-house facilities consist of quality control departments, encapsulators, tablet presses, powder mixers, several bottling lines, packaging tools, and more.

SMP Nutra Adheres to the Highest Standards

In contrast to some other manufacturers, SMP Nutra follows a strict Quality Insurance Process when manufacturing nutrition-based supplements. Consequently, we can deliver some of the most accurately produced supplements in the industry. From sourcing to shipping, SMP Nutra’s entire process happens in-house. As a result, we can guarantee the quality of all materials, formulas, and finished products.

Firstly, we begin with the best raw materials. Next, our pharmaceutical-grade ingredients pass our strict quality control process. After that, we send the ingredients to our pharmacy compound for testing, verification, weighing, and blending. Therefore, we can guarantee that every label claim is accurate.

SMP Nutra has received FDA, NPA, and GMP certifications. Consequently, we follow all regulatory guidelines when manufacturing pharmaceutical grade supplements. Moreover, because we do all formula assessments and ingredient testing in-house, nothing leaves our facility until it is packaged and ready to ship. In summary, we refuse to manufacture products that do not meet regulations, claims, or our high standards.

SMP Nutra is Pharmaceutical Grade!

SMP Nutra’s mission is providing superior nutraceuticals and excellent service throughout our entire process. Not only that, but we offer a full range of solutions including Custom Formulas, Stock Formulas Packaging, Label Design & Compliance, Fulfillment, and Testing.

We manufacture tablets, capsules, softgels, and even gummy vitamins in our in-house facility for any brand, size, or type of business. What’s more, we also handle labeling and packing to get your products ready for shipping.

From our quality control team to your sales rep, each person on our team delivers superior service. In fact, we equip each member of our staff with extensive knowledge of supplement and vitamin development. Contact us today and let us tackle your supplement, health product, or vitamin.


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