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Top 10 Best Marketing Companies for Supplement Brands

GetKnownPros Marketing

Having the right marketing company for your brand can make all the difference between success and failure for your supplement brand. Especially with supplements, vitamins, and nutraceuticals, the correct marketing campaigns in place is the primary piece of what makes these types of companies more profitable.

Because of this we scoured the internet and found the top 10 best marketing firms you should work with for your supplement brand.

The best marketing companies specialize in particular types of campaigns. Because of this, we selected certain marketing firms based on their specializations.

Supplement Media Studio – (All-In-One Brand Growth Agency, Google Organic Traffic & Paid Media Traffic & Much More)

Supplement Media Studio, or SMS for short, is the sister company to SMP Nutra. We are pleased to offer their services as they are the only true supplement marketing company that has a team fully and specifically specialized in the nutraceutical industry. They have many different services including graphic media services, e-commerce development, organic traffic campaigns, paid traffic campaigns, retail development services, brand management, and more!

The team at SMS is happy to help your brand either get launched or boost your current brand to grow more and maximize its potential. Be prepared to see your brand transform in front of your eyes, get in touch with SMS Nutra today!

Google Organic Marketing

GetKnownPros – (Health Specialized, Google Organic Traffic & Paid Media Traffic)

GetKnownPros is specialized in marketing supplements in particular. This is actually the agency I run. Because of my involvement in manufacturing supplements and working with many brands, supplements naturally became my specialty (1). When it comes to traffic campaigns we specialize in Google Organic traffic and paid media ads. GetKnownPros know exactly how to drive traffic and entice customers just the right way that ends up closing sales for you and your business.

GetKnownPros targets your customers from all directions. By free and exclusive offers, it gives valuable customer details so you can forge a stronger relationship with them, based on their interests and passions. It ranks you up in the ranks of Google searches as well as records with qualifying leads for your Supplement products (1). GetKnownPros also give the last push in closing sales by exclusive offers from potential leads. Service continues to accelerate, even after your first sales are closed, as it constantly works on improving strategies and curates customer-centric content that resonates with their burning needs and amplifies your profit return exponentially.

Influencer effect

Wellness Amplified – (Wellness Specialized, Influencer Network)

Wellness Amplified is a marketing agency that has a large network of health-related influencers. An influencer is someone who has a large following on any type of social media or on their own blog/website. Wellness Amplified will look at your brand and product and connect you with the best influencers to create content and promote your brand to their following. Wellness Amplified is involved in brand and influencer matchmaking. There is a wide array of digital channels and social networks that can be tapped upon by leveraging from Wellness Amplified.

The strategy that Wellness Amplified works upon is tapping the best influencers in the arena and amplifying their marketing to a large scale audience. In addition, wellness amplified also increases your chances of landing on a great partnership exponentially. Wellness Amplified also offers influencer marketing training provisions. It targets customers via famous influencers, targeting a bigger niche than expected.

Wellness Amplified produces a powerful impact from storytelling and influencing people. It builds on the trust and credibility that these influencers have created in the hearts and minds of their worldwide audience. In this way, Wellness Amplified influences and builds loyalty in customers. These influencers develop long term relationships with their audience and instigate them to buy your products, not for a day, but incorporate it as a lifestyle choice. Rather than focusing aggressively on selling products, Wellness Amplified presses upon the dire need for making healthier lifestyle choices in the hearts and minds of most people.

Web Design

Codeclouds – (Web Design, App Development)

When it comes to web design, development, UI UX design, and app development these are the pros (2). They can do everything from design your product, landing page, app, install conversion pixels, etc.

Affiliate Partnerships

Health Trader – (Health Specialized, Affiliate Network)

Affiliate marketing works by offering to pay affiliates a piece of every sale they help generate. Affiliate networks make it easier to do all this (3). This particular affiliate network health trader is specialized in affiliates who are influential in the health sector.

Affiliate Marketing

SellHealth.com – (Health Specialized, Affiliate Network)

Another great affiliate network marketing company that specialized in health. When it comes to affiliate marketing as a merchant, the more sites you publish your offer on, the more affiliates can see it and decide to send traffic to your offer (4). We recommend trying out sell health as well. Sell Health offers the highest commission rates for every product sale as well as our leaders in affiliate marketing.

The website uses continuously updated and innovative marketing strategies. Affiliate marketing allows for exorbitant amounts of commission payments via phone, fax, and emails (4). Sell Health allows access to regular record keeping and checking for every sale your business makes. The website is user-friendly and cost-effective with high response rates.

Customer service is phenomenal and your business is given due time and attention by a real-time customer service representative 24/7 round the clock. Sell Health offers some of the top-notch products in the market. The product pool is constantly updated to meet the needs of current market trends. Provision of affiliate marketing training, as well as effective use of optimized search engine tools, is also offered to customers (4).

Palmetto Digital Marketing

Palmetto Digital Marketing Group – (Fully Outsourced Amazon Management & Marketing)

Many supplement brands make a killing by selling on amazon. The problem is Amazon makes it a complete nightmare to sell products. If you are deciding to put your product on Amazon or not, just know that this itself will be a part-time job. If you are going to hire someone to do your Amazon, you want them to do everything for you. The Palmetto Digital Marketing Group does just that for you. They create a user-friendly experience for your supplement business. In addition, it is integrated with Amazon and can gain access to a large pool of customers. From email marketing to full integration with google, the potential is infinite towards where you can take make your business soar. Palmetto Digital Marketing Group delivers top of the line supplement marketing strategies that it instills more value into your business and exceeds customer expectations in terms of delivery.

Podcast Advertising

Midroll – (Podcast Advertising)

People who listen to podcasts have a deep trust for their broadcasters. Podcasts give listeners hours upon hours of content. And podcasts are more popular than ever, right now. This could be a great way for your brand to get additional quality traffic & branding (5). Midroll is the global leader of podcast advertising. It taps into the research and insights via real-time podcasting. Midroll’s mission is to give business owners and marketers a personal insight on the latest marketing trends and strategies via podcasts. Midroll takes into consideration the fine details of the customers. The real-time marketing and advertising insights on Midroll dip into a large pool of case studies, data science, customer demographics, brand presence and much more. Midroll draws a hundred percent profitable marketing insights from more than a hundred podcasts (5).

Mailchimp Email

MailChimp – (Email Marketing)

When it comes to email marketing & automation. You are better off doing this yourself than hiring an agency. It does not take long to do and it’s generally going to sound better coming from you who knows more about your own products than most other people. At MailChimp, you can have a taste of lucrative and useless strategies at the same time. You will receive exclusively tailored and personalized recommendations for your business via performance charts. MailChimp, also takes insights from data sciences. Utilizing these data-driven tips and techniques will accelerate your business up a notch.

Direct Mail Marketing

The Mail Shark – (Direct Mail)

Direct mailing is an old but effective method of advertising your brand. You can get very creative and it is more memorable than just an email. The Mail Shark will help you from a to z for a direct mailing campaign for your supplement brand. The Mail Shark has helped many Supplement businesses in meeting their specific target goals. It uses a weekly mailing schedule to retarget customers every now and then. The Mail Shark has turned out to be the most rapidly growing direct mailing company. Its eccentric strategy results in higher response rates and a rapid flow of new customers. Direct mailing allows you to keep filling in your customers with a diverse pool of supplement products while cutting down costs for your business (6).

Partnership Marketing

DojoMojo – (Partnership Marketing)

DojoMojo makes it possible to get sponsored content created for your brand from other brands. You can offer certain sweepstakes to a partner network to promote and gain their following. You can capitalize the most from your content inventory and reach a larger audience. The more eyeballs your website content gets, the higher your chances of developing strong partnerships for your Supplement Brands. Your portfolio gets more attention and is more likely to catch the most suitable partner for your supplement business (7).

Choose SMPNutra

If you want to create a groundbreaking nutraceutical brand that exceeds client expectations, choose SMP Nutra. Contact us today to inquire about any stock private label product you would like to have manufactured. Also, you can contact us about any custom formula as we are capable of manufacturing any kind of custom nutraceutical formula.


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