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Call Us 24/7: (833) 810-9896

Call Us 24/7: (833) 810-9896

Liquid Capsule Manufacturing

Capsule Fillling

Your liquid blend is put into the body of the pill with precision pumps to inject the correct amount and to eliminate most air bubbles. 

Capsule Sealing

The filled capsule then has the cap put back onto the capsule, and the connection is sealed with either a band or a spray seal.


After the liquid capsules are manufactured, post-inspection, we run identity, potency, micro, and heavy metal tests to ensure pharmaceutical grade quality.

Inspection & Bottling

Once the liquid capsules are processed and passed inspection, they will be bottled in a bottle of your choice. We offer amazing packaging options to put your liquid capsules in.

Our Capabilities

Custom Liquid Capsule Manufacturing

We have capabilities to manufacture any liquid capsule formula. From sourcing each ingredient in your formula, to post filling inspection; we do it all at the best prices and the fastest lead times. We have the experience to help you formulate a new product for your target audience, or discuss with you how to properly scale your manufacturing. As your partner, it is our job for long-term liquid capsule manufacturing success.

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Custom Liquid Capsule Manufacturing:

It is our goal here to make the process of liquid capsule manufacturing as quick and efficient as possible for you. As your liquid capsule manufacturer, you will enjoy the benefits of having a great product, while we takw care of the stages of production.

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Liquid Capsule Manufacturing 

Liquid capsules can be a great delivery method for liquid formulas. Manufacturing of liquid capsules is nearly identical to normal capsule manufacturing. You can learn more about that process here.

A key difference would be the formula itself. Being filled with a liquid means it has to be more protective of the contents, along with not leaking. To prevent the leaking, a band is applied to the capsule at the line of where it splits in half. This band can be made out of gelatin or another oil-based ingredient. The seal must be appropriately applied to fully minimize the chance of any leakage. Also, since the liquid formula may be more prone to developing issues, binders, disintegrates, and preservative may be added to assure the formula does not succumb to any issues.

Liquid Capsule Filling Machines

To expedite the process of filling liquid capsules, filling machines are available to effectively manufacture liquid capsules. There are three types which include:

  1. Manual
  2. Semi-automatic
  3. Automatic
Each type of machine will have its own pros and cons. As for the automatic machine, it is comprised of a few integral parts. 
  1. Feeding mechanism
  2. Liquid adding mechanism
  3. Pressing mechanism
  4. bag discharging mechanism
  5. Turntable mechanism


There are the base components of an automatic liquid capsule filling machine. There is additional components to the machines but these 5 are the crucial ones. This makes the capsule filling process very simple and allows for bulk manufacturing of liquid capsules.
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Attributes Of Liquid Capsule Seals

Empty capsules are prepared for the liquid blend by being split in half. Naturally in the manufacturing process, liquid capsules come apart at the middle of the capsule. To confirm that the blend within does not get tampered with in any way, the capsule is sealed. The seal can be a form of a spray seal, or it can be a vegetarian gel. 

The seal may be a certain color that can be an identifier for a couple of things such as:

  • Client branding
  • Dose identification
  • Tamper-evidence considerations
The seal has many uses, but it undoubtedly helps show this type of pill capsule is for liquids. Furthermore, it may be a surprise to people that a plant based capsule for liquid is reliable, but once again, the seal comes into play as an example of why this capsule will hold liquids securely no matter what.

Liquid Capsules Potentially Have More Capabilities

Liquid Hard Shell Capsules can be manufactured to have a variety of capabilities, such as:

  1. Dual-action blends
  2. Timed release component 
  3. Etc.

Dual-action blends allow for two different blends to be in the same capsule. The reason for this is when two blends work synonymous they may be better or stronger. As for a timed-release component, it can be made to be accurately released into the bloodstream at a specific time to pinpoint an area of the body.

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