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CoQ10 Manufacturing

Ubiquinone or CoQ10 is a co-enzyme that the human body naturally produces. The problem is that this compound production decreases after 20 years of age, which can have various consequences for the body.

That is why millions of users around the world are going crazy about CoQ10 supplements. They want to ensure their body gets enough of this co-enzyme to ensure their skin stays young and promotes overall health. [1]

If you think that it would be a wise move to enter the CoQ10 supplement market, it might be time to learn more about the process of making these products. Before you even enter the development, it is vital to pick a reliable manufacturer.

Allow us to tell you everything about the manufacturing process of CoQ10 with SMP Nutra. Not only you will discover how everything looks from the initial steps to the final product, but you will also learn why we are one of the best CoQ10 manufacturers out there.

Learning More About Your Desires and Requirements

The process starts long before the actual manufacturing as the first step is meeting with you and learning more about your requirements and desires.

Some clients come with clear instructions, but others prefer our experts providing guidance to ensure they create a potent supplement. Our experienced staff is there to explain the entire process and suggest the best possible solutions for your particular situation.

We are ready to go the extra mile and put in maximum time and effort to meet and exceed your expectations. That starts by listening to how you want the supplement to look like, and what to achieve with it. You might expect us to ask some questions that will confirm we understood everything correctly, and the final product is in line with your instructions.

Source CoQ10 Ingredients

Sourcing Ingredients

The human body produces CoQ10, but you can also find it in nature. The main sources include pork, beef, chicken, especially organ meats like liver and kidney. When it comes to plant-sources, you can find them in whole grains, broccoli, spinach, and soybeans.

Apart from the mentioned natural-based ingredients, you can also choose a synthetic form of this co-enzyme. We should pinpoint that it can simplify and accelerate the entire process. Not only it will speed up delivery time, but it might also deliver the overall manufacturing cost. That can be imperative if you are on a limited budget or an up and coming company that needs to be careful about its investments.

Please note that CoQ10 might not be the only ingredient in your formula. If you want, you can strengthen the supplement with other ingredients. That way, you can offer benefits that go beyond the CoQ10’s advantages.

Some ingredients are also necessary to form a capsule or the desired delivery method (more on that later). At this point, you might want to consider whether you want to keep your produce vegan-friendly, or you have any specific requests related to ingredients.

Once we get all the details sorted out, the actual manufacturing process can begin.

Ingredient blender

Blending the Ingredients

With CoQ10 manufacturers, everything starts with gathering the ingredients and blending them together. Blending is a crucial step in the process because it ensures that all the compounds in the formula are evenly distributed.

During the blending phase, we will follow your instructions on the desired quantity of CoQ10 and other ingredients per unit. Once we achieve the desired blend, we will test every batch to ensure everything went smoothly. That virtually eliminates any room for error and guarantees that the product will have the promised benefits and quantity of CoQ10 per unit.

As for the other steps during the manufacturing process, we ensure to use modern equipment that complies with the latest standards and regulations. Additionally, our staff has all the necessary training and experience in CoQ10 manufacturing. It might be interesting to note that we’ve already served approximately 1,000 CoQ10 clients, manufactured more than 325,000 bottles, and millions of units. [3]

Encapsulating the Ingredients

The blend is now ready, and we can proceed to the next step that involves encapsulating the ingredients. You can choose between multiple encapsulation methods, and here is an overview of the most common picks:

  • Capsules – the most frequent choice when packing CoQ10 supplements. These are easy to swallow, and you can choose their shape and size.
  • Liquid capsules – these are similar to capsules, except they allow you to pack two blends instead of one in a single capsule. Thanks to that fact, you might make your supplement even more potent.
  • Tablets – their downside is that they can leave an aftertaste, but they are easy to swallow and digest.
  • Soft gels – another method that is easy to digest, and can vary in shape and size. It can fit liquids, and it’s tamper-proof. If there was any tampering, you would easily discover it as the content will leak.

You can also go with gummies, powders, and so on, but the above are usual choices for most CoQ10 supplements.

The encapsulation process involves adding the blend to the unit of your choice. During the process, we ensure that each capsule has the specified content of the blend to ensure optimal effectiveness.

Capsule Polisher

Inspecting and Polishing

You could say that this is an additional step, but we like to think it is what makes us stand out from other CoQ10 manufacturers. We will ensure to check every pill and confirm that it is defect-free.

While we are there, we will take care that is has a clean and polished look. The primary focus should be on what’s inside, and we make sure to use the ingredients you wanted. However, it is also important that the users are impressed with how your supplement looks. The aesthetics might make it more attractive and easier to swallow.


How did you imagine that the packaging of your CoQ10 supplement will look? We offer a wide range of bottle materials, shapes, and sizes to meet your expectations. Additionally, you can pick the desired cap and other packaging options.

We can make sure that each lid is sealed shut, which is the proof there was no tampering with the product before it reached the consumer.

Don’t forget to consider the label and design it in a way that attracts potential customers. Additionally, it should provide vital and other useful information and follow relevant laws and regulations.

Once the supplement is in the bottles, we will pack it in the boxes and send it your way. That concludes the manufacturing process, which we always ensure to complete in the shortest possible timeframe.

Contract Manufacturing

Why Should You Pick SMP Nutra?

Now that we took you through the manufacturing process, we hope that you understand why we are among the most reliable CoQ10 manufacturers out there.

Here is a quick overview of the reasons why we are a wise choice:

  • We listen to your desires – we are there to suggest a solution, but ultimately, we follow your instructions to the smallest detail.
  • Reliable and experienced manufacturers and equipment – we combine skillful staff and modern machines. That is the best guarantee we have everything we might need to meet the expectations of any client.
  • We take care of everything – from sourcing ingredients to blending and encapsulating them, as well as packing the units in the bottle or other packaging types. We will ensure everything goes smoothly so that you can receive a high-quality product.
  • Quick delivery times – regardless of the size of your order, we will always ensure to complete it in the shortest possible timeframe. Once we set an estimated deadline, we will do everything in our power to complete the order before that.

If you are ready to discuss your upcoming CoQ10 supplement manufacturing, don’t hesitate to get in touch and talk to our experienced staff.

Make Your Own CoQ10 Supplement Today

If you are in the market and want to bring a high-quality CoQ10 product to your inventory, check out SMP Nutra’s stock CoQ10 With Organic Olive Oil.


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