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The Biggest Nutraceutical Innovations As of 2020

Nutraceutical Innovation

What are current and future technology and supplement trends?

The supplement market is progressing and implementing innovations every year. Thanks to these breakthroughs, consumers can enjoy the maximum potential of vitamins and other supplements available.

In this article, we are focusing on nutraceutical innovations that we can expect in 2020. Here is an overview of new ingredients technologies and products on the market.

Liquid Capsule

Liquid Capsules

Liquid capsules seem to be a new industry trend and for a good reason. Not only you can speed up the manufacturing process, but you can enjoy benefits like using dual-action blends. [1] These allow the same capsule to have two different blends, which might increase its potency.

The manufacturing process is very similar to standard capsule manufacturing. [1] However, it is important to seal the capsule to protect the contents and the integrity of the ingredients. Apart from keeping the capsule tamper-proof, these seals can also improve their shelf life by reducing oxidation.

Picking a particular color for the seal might help with the branding, as well as dose identifications. Manufacturers use automatic, semi-automatic, and manual machines to fill the capsules with liquid. [1] Depending on the machine, you can speed up the process significantly and achieve commercial volumes quickly.

Half Powder Half Liquid Capsule

Traditionally, capsules would contain either a powder or a liquid. With the advancements in the industry, manufacturers can now make a capsule that contains both a liquid and a powder ingredient.

This can allow for the combination of ingredients that have not been done before within one capsule. A liquid ingredient may be very synergistic with a certain powder, and this type of capsule is how you would get the best of that dynamic combination.

Hemp Powder

CBD/Hemp Supplements

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol. It is one of the active ingredients of cannabis, and it is usually sourced from the hemp plant. [2]

The crucial thing to note is that CBD doesn’t have psychoactive properties. Even though it is a part of marijuana, it won’t get you high as long as its THC contents are low. The New Farm Bill allows growing, using, and selling cannabis-based products as long as the quantity of THC is not higher than 0.3%.[3]

CBD and hemp supplements have been a trend for a couple of years, and that’s likely to continue. Although scientists are still studying the effects of cannabidiol, users claim that it can provide multiple benefits.

The primary benefit seems to be providing pain relief. [4] CBD can relieve chronic and other types of pain by interacting with the cannabinoid system in the human body. Other potential effects might include stress relief and helping to deal with anxiety and depression, as well as boosting heart health and reducing acne.

It is interesting to note that CBD might help treat some neurological issues. Furthermore, the FDA approved the use of Epidiolex, a drug that contains cannabidiol as an active ingredient.[5]

Instasorb Collagen

Instasorb Collagen is a unique collagen blend developed by SMPNutra. [6] Its biggest advantage is that it offers an improved absorption into water compared to common blends.

Collagen is the main protein in mammals and might make up to 35% of the entire protein content. [7] It is also the primary component of connective tissues, and has many potential benefits.

You can boost the effectiveness of collagen by combining it with other supplements. Instasorb Collagen is a blend that is highly compatible with other ingredients. That means you can mix compounds to design a supplement that targets a particular health-related issue.


Personalized Nutrition

You might be considering adjusting your diet for various reasons. It could be that you want to lose weight or improve your health. Whatever the trigger is, you are probably considering the most popular diets, such as keto. [8]

Although these diets might be effective, the experts believe that personalized nutrition is the right way to go. [9] The approach involves analyzing the blood nutrient status of the patient and recommending food choices and supplements based on that report.

That way, you can rest assured that you will have an entire nutrition plan tailored to your needs. It eliminates the need for testing various diets and food products to see if they fit your body. That can also be important for those that are sensitive to particular food groups and might have allergic reactions when consuming a particular food.


HRB Probiotics

HRB is short for Human-Residential Bifidobacteria. New research results discover that these probiotics are far more capable than non-HRB strains.[10] The reports mention that some strains particularly benefit human health. Those include M-63, M-16V, and BB536, which are specifically helpful for infants. That is why many manufacturers are combining these strains into premium formulas that can be fitting for all ages.

It is interesting to note that the research indicates the effectiveness of probiotics might not only be related to strains but their residential origins. [10] It is another proof that speaks in favor of HRB efficiency for human consumption.



While you cannot fight aging, there are ways to age gracefully. If you want to keep your body as young as possible, you should consider antioxidant formulas. Solarplast is a product that offers an enzyme-powered antioxidant for healthy aging. [11]

The company designed a formula that helps to break down the organic spinach’s cell wall. The human body has problems doing that, but this supplement helps while maintaining the integrity of the plant’s compartment called protoplast, which is loaded with nutrients.

As a result, this product boosts energy and delivers antioxidants that repair body cells affected by modern lives.



Caffeine might be the most frequently used ingredient in supplements that focus on an energy boost. However, caffeine comes with potential side effects like sleep issues and high blood pressure. [12] That is why Robuvit offers an alternative in the form of French oak extract.

This nutraceutical innovation is delivered by Hophag Research. [12] According to them, this supplement manages to boost energy and reduce fatigue. As such, it can help you to get through a tiring day at work, but it can also assist if you are an athlete. The company claims that Robuvit can shorten recovery time and enhance performance during training sessions.



Women going through the menopause transition can experience anxiety, hot flashes, and even cholesterol issues. These climacteric symptoms are quite common, which is why many females are looking for a supplement that provides menopause support.

Pycnogenol is a solution that was designed after years of research and numerous clinical studies. [13] The manufacturer uses a French maritime pine bark extract that only grows in one region in the world. A natural ingredient combined with a unique extraction technology seems to be capable of helping to deal with common climacteric symptoms that appear during the menopause transition.

Furosap Plus

Furosap Plus

As men get older, their testosterone production decreases. You might be able to recognize symptoms of low testosterone levels [14], which is why you might try testosterone boosters.

Furosap Plus is more than a simple testo-boosting supplement. The formula focuses on helping athletes to maintain vitality and energy, as well as enhance training performance. Additionally, it can promote the healthy development of muscles. It is an all-around formula that might boost your overall quality of life, especially since it can help with physical weakness and oligospermia. [15]


Customized Fill Release in Softgels

Gelatin soft capsules can be easier to swallow than their hard alternatives. That is something we were all aware of, but Gelita brings us an approach that enables a customized fill release. [16]

Analgesic might require rapid release, while some supplements might aim for gradual release. These capsules allow you to choose the desired release timing so that you can optimize the performance of your product.

Liposomal Powder

Liposomal Powder Formulations

A liposomal powder formulation is a new approach to dry powder formulations that brings multiple improvements. The benefits include controlled drug release, improved carrying capacity, and reduced toxicities. [17]

When it comes to supplement manufacturers, they welcome this nutraceutical innovation as it should maximize the formula’s bioavailability. Additionally, the increased loading capacity of capsules and timely release can improve the product’s efficiency.

Clean Label

Clean Label

Have you ever heard of a term clean label? Although it didn’t start in scientific circles, everyone accepted this term coined by consumers.

The clean label ensures that the product focuses on natural and healthy ingredients. [18] That means two things:

  • Eliminating any fillers and other artificial ingredients that might scare the customers away from the product.
  • Minimizing the overall number of ingredients and focusing on those that are plant and natural-based.

It is interesting to note that the current regulations might cause problems for some manufacturers that aim for a “clean label.” The government requires manufacturers to use scientific names for certain ingredients, which might create confusion. [18]

For example, brands have to use “tocopherol” instead of vitamin E. But when an average customer reads “tocopherol,” it associates them of a synthetic chemical. That means efforts of manufacturers to keep their products “clean” might go down the drain because of a simple technicality. It remains to be seen whether the clean label movement can increase awareness enough for the government to react and adjust regulations to recognize manufacturers’ efforts.

SMP Nutra Can Manufacture Your Private Label Supplement

Keeping up with the innovations in the nutraceutical market can be a challenge. That is why here at SMP Nutra, we are capable of manufacturing any kind of formula, with the most ease. We have plenty of stock products that you can check out and bring to your own brand.


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