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What Does “mfg date” Mean On Supplements & Vitamins?

Supplement Manufacturing Date

What is the mfg date on products such as supplements? This is a date that may help you decide if you want to buy that product or a different one.

We put together this full guide on what mfg date means and why you should care about it.

What Does Manufacturing Date Actually Mean?

A manufacturing date on your supplements basically addresses the date on which the supplements you are consuming was bottled. Commonly, most of the supplements are treated as stable to consume for at least two to three years from the date of manufacturing.

On the other hand, the probiotics and liquid supplements are generally stable to consume for at least one year from the date of manufacturing. To make sure you consume the most effective supplements for your body, we place our products under different rigorous testing procedures. This allows us to decide the most accurate manufacturing dating for our finalized supplement products.

Manufacturing & Expiration Date

Required Labeling

Every supplement or vitamin should contain either an expiration date or a manufacturing date. These dates actually play a vital role in telling the customers about how long they can consume these supplements or vitamins. You must also know that if you are using the same bottle of the supplement after 4 or 5 years then it can put adverse effects on your healthy body [1].

SMP Nutra can proudly provide you the best and the healthiest supplements possible, at a much lower price. In our state of the art manufacturing plant, we ensure strict control of all the quality measures taken and carefully monitor all our product inventories in order to guarantee you that the supplements and vitamins we deliver are the best for your body. Through robust programs of testing, we check all our products up to the required standards and even re-test them if necessary. The change of dates on our supplements and vitamins is because of the regulations and it does not in any way reflect our high-quality products.

By reading this section now you can understand how carefully we manufacture your supplements and vitamins. SMP Nutra provides you the best manufacturing date possible, so that you can consume them for a much longer period of time, and remain healthy just the way you wanted.

Manufacturing Date

Why Do We Use Manufacturing Dates Instead of Expiration Dates for Our Products?

SMP Nutra utilizes the manufacturing date (the date in which your supplement or vitamin in the bottle was manufactured) instead of the expiration date. The purpose behind this is because the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in America that monitors the labeling and manufacturing of the supplement and vitamin drugs does not need any date of expiration on the dietary supplements. However, FDA encourages the supplements industries to provide testing data for the stability of the products [2].

The supplements or vitamins that you consume are usually considered as shelf-stable commodities. This means these kinds of products are hard to perish. When developed through the best manufacturing processes and stocked in accordance with the labeled prescriptions, there are quite low chances that they would establish any dangerous attributes over the time period [3]. So you can take our supplements or vitamins as per the prescription is given on the bottle without any worry.

Date of expiration usually does not provide any sort of assurance of effectiveness, bioavailability, potency, quality or any other forms of parameters that you might be using to evaluate your supplements or vitamins. Hence, the date of expiry in itself has no relevant meaning attached to it until or unless you know how it was originally derived. When asked, most of the drug professionals elaborated that the supplement industries should provide the below-mentioned information with their products [4];

  • Particular ingredients utilized for the product in order to successfully determine the correct product expiry.
  • Information regarding pressure, time duration, and temperature under which the product was held so that they can be appropriately shelved at home or anywhere else.
  • The appropriate outcomes for every ingredient of the product as per the standard of the industry.

As the date of expiry on your products ignores all of this important information, hence it creates a negative illusion in your mind regarding the product quality. For this purpose, many doctors prescribe to label the products with manufacturing dates instead of expiration dates.

To further enhance your knowledge about SMP Nutra, all our products are developed by qualified manufacturers. Also, all the supplements and vitamins of SMP Nutra are strictly in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). We believe that in the future, our manufacturers will continue to formulate and develop the best products while maintaining appropriate quantity and quality so that you can enjoy your healthy life like you always do.

Good Manufacturing Practices

The Merits of GMP Manufacturing

We believe that even one unsafe or defective supplement is too many. If we consider the safety factor, the GMP benefits are simple and clear. Through GMP you can ensure high-quality standards for your product. As we know that with higher quality comes better safety of the product. Hence, we carefully derive each and every product, with the aim of providing a safer, healthier, and happier life to our customers.

Apart from safety benefits, supplement industries enjoy many more other advantages as well when they utilize GMP during their manufacturing process [5];

  • The cost of operations significantly reduces as penalties and rework drops. GMP basically helps in reducing non-compliance and increasing the overall efficacy of the product.
  • Helps regulators, employees, competitors, shareholders, and especially customers in establishing a sustainable reputation of an organization.
  • It reflects and enhances the sense of education among the customers, and further attract them to consume your products instead of going for other products in the market.

So if you buy supplements or vitamins you can effectively accomplish all these benefits. By incorporating GMP in our products we ensure that you consume the best supplements needed for your body. When you consume SMP Nutra manufactured products you will automatically experience activeness in your body and will help you in performing difficult work quite easily.

Expired Supplement

Beware! Out of Date Medicines Can Be Dangerous

When it comes to medicines, if you are using the same supplement bottle for four to five years from its manufacturing date then it can bring much harm to your health that you may have never imagined. The same goes for the expiration dates. It is highly recommended that you should not buy or consume such products that have gone past their expiry dates.

If you are utilizing supplements or vitamins for a longer period of time, there are chances of growth of bacteria on the tablets or powder you are consuming. Once this occurs, these supplements are no longer ensured to only provide positive effects. These out of date products can bring many harms in your health such as [6];

  • Body allergies
  • Diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Constipation
  • Mouth Dryness
  • Etc.

Apart from your own health, these harmful out of date products can affect your child’s health as well. Many of you might not be aware of the fact that the supplement drugs that are put in home cabinets have a very high probability of abuse, misuse, and diversion. Such supplements or vitamins can bring serious injury to children if consumed. For this purpose, appropriate disposal of all out of date medicines is highly recommended.

You can follow these 4 simple steps to dispose of the out of date supplements from your home [7];

  • Mix: Use any form of unpalatable substance, for example, dirt or coffee grounds to mix your supplement in it.
  • Place: Once mixed, move the mixture in a sealed plastic bag.
  • Throw: Throw the sealed container containing toxic mixture into your household trash.
  • Scratch Out: Remove all the medicine-related information such as quantity, manufacturing date, and prescription from the empty bottle of supplements so that it can be unreadable. Then dispose of it too.
Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy

Manufacture Your Supplements With SMP Nutra

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SMP Nutra offers a wide variety of stock supplements that you can start to sell for your brand today! Check out our stock private label supplements now!

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